Six Sweet Books About Love for Baby

For Valentine's Day, or all year round, it's fun to read a book about love with your baby or toddler. These books all talk about love in different ways, and are good for reading together with your baby or toddler. While it may be impossible to find a book that explains just how much you love your baby, you're sure to create plenty of fun memories reading these love-theme baby books together. 

Counting Kisses Book by Karen Katz

Counting Kisses book

Not only can you read along with Counting Kisses, you can kiss along with it, too. This story revolves around a sleepy baby who gets kisses from family members (even the dog) to settle down for bed. As you read, you can give your baby kisses to go along with the story, and older toddlers can enjoy giving kisses and participating, too.

The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

The Kissing Hand Baby Book

The Kissing Hand is a story that will grow with your baby. It's a little bit longer than some of the other stories, and would be a good choice if you're reading to kids of varying ages. In this book, a little raccoon is scared to go to school, so his mom kisses his palm and shows him how to press his hand to his cheek whenever he misses her. Babies can learn to imitate the kissing hand well before they understand the whole story, so it's a nice family book about love.

Guess How Much I Love You? Book by Sam McBratney

guess how much I love you book

Does your family have a competitive streak? This book is particularly fun if silly competitions are a family tradition, as they are in my family. A father and baby bunny are trying to out-do one another with grand professions of their love for one another in this story. It's sweet and silly, fun for toddlers to imitate, and the drawings are soothing.

I Love You Through and Through Book by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak

Love You Through and Through baby book

A simple board book is perfect for babies and younger toddlers, and this one has a simple but effective message - I will love you no matter what. Whether baby is silly, sad, happy, tired, silent or talking, this story teaches that love is unconditional. The words and pictures are basic, though, so it's a nice pick for little ones.

Love You Forever Book By Robert Munsch

Love You Forever Book

This is a tear-jerker book, but the story is a beautiful one about the strong bond of love between a mother and baby. If you're fond of the phrase "you'll always be my baby," this book is for you! In this story, mom's love nurtures baby from newborn all the way through adult, and then her grown son cares for her in her old age.

I Loved You Before You Were Born Book by Anne Bowen

I Loved You Before You Were Born Book
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Grandma is the narrator of this cute story about love. In it, a grandmother remembers her grandchild being born, and then talks about how excited she is to share the memories that will come as baby grows. This book is a great one to have on hand when it's grandma's turn to read a bedtime story!