Honeymoon Sweepstakes: Get a Luxurious Honeymoon (for Free!)

Use Contests and Giveaways to Win an Unforgettable Honeymoon on a Budget

Would you like to start your married life by taking a romantic, luxurious honeymoon? Are you frustrated by having to choose between the trip of your dreams and your budget? Well, honeymoon sweepstakes could be your answer.

Honeymoon giveaways offer the chance to win your dream vacation for a fraction of the price you'd spend if you paid for the trip out of pocket.

Keep in mind, trip prizes are not 100% free because if you live in the United States, you will have to pay taxes on sweepstakes prizes. And there are also additional costs of winning trips.

Winning a free honeymoon means that you can use the money you would have spent on your trip for a down-payment on a house, home furnishings you both love, or whatever else you and your spouse need to start your new life.

Best of all, entering legitimate contests and other giveaways costs you nothing except a bit of time. If you want to give it a shot, here's how to find honeymoon sweepstakes and contests that you can enter right now:

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Wedding Sweepstakes Can Help You Win a Honeymoon and More

Married couple on beach with friends
Wedding Sweepstakes Can Make Your Big Day More Affordable. Image Source / Getty Images

If you're getting married, be sure to start by checking out the prizes available on the wedding sweepstakes list.

This list contains sweepstakes and contests that are giving away prizes that could help you throw the perfect wedding and have the perfect honeymoon afterward.

The prizes you'll find on the wedding sweepstakes list include romantic vacations, free wedding gowns, bridal jewelry, and even entire weddings.

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Hoping to Take a Romantic Trip Abroad? Check Out These Sweepstakes

Heart-Shaped Cloud Over a Beach
If Romance Abroad Is Your Goal, Check Out These Sweepstakes. Image (c) Tom Merton / Stone / Getty Images

If your idea of the perfect honeymoon is a trip overseas, check out the prizes on the international travel sweepstakes list.

Depending on the giveaways that are running at the moment, you will find chances to win trips to romantic cities like Paris or Venice, adventure vacations in South America, exotic trips to the beaches of Thailand or the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, and much more.

So if you and your spouse want to travel overseas, these sweepstakes could be your ticket. 

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Want to Explore America on Your Honeymoon? These Sweepstakes Are for You

Win a Romantic Honeymoon in the United States with US Vacation Sweepstakes
Win a Romantic Honeymoon in the United States with US Vacation Sweepstakes. Image © Digital Vision / Getty Images, used with permission.

If your dream honeymoon destination is a little closer to home, peruse the US vacation sweepstakes list for your chance to win a honeymoon in the United States.

Some of the great honeymoon destinations you might find on this list include romantic getaways in Sonoma Valley Wine Country, trips to bustling cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, idyllic getaways at cozy B&Bs, spa vacations, and more.

These sweepstakes could be your chance to start your married life together while exploring a new part of America.

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Spend Your Honeymoon on the High Seas with Cruise Sweepstakes

Disney Magic cruise ship
Spend Your Honeymoon on a Romantic Cruise. Richard Cummins / Getty Images

Do you dream of taking to the high seas and spending your honeymoon being pampered aboard a majestic cruise ship or a private yacht? Honeymoon destinations aboard ship can be found on the ​​cruise sweepstakes list.

Check out these sweepstakes for chances to win cruise vacations in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, or other dream honeymoon destinations.

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Kids at Heart? Honeymoon at a Disney Resort

Win a Romantic Disney Honeymoon with Disney Sweepstakes
Win a Romantic Disney Honeymoon with Disney Sweepstakes. Image © Janette Pellegrini / Getty Images, Used with Permission

If you'd like to follow the happiest day of your life with a honeymoon to one of the happiest places on earth, visit the Disney sweepstakes list for your chance to win a Disney vacation honeymoon.

Disney really rolls out the red carpet for honeymooners, and you and your new spouse can enjoy everything from scream-inducing roller coasters to fine dining and fireworks with the romantic side of Disney.

This sweepstakes list offers prizes of trips to Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, and other Disney locations around the world.

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Win Trips to Destination Wedding Locations

Photo of a couple getting married in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, USA.
Take a Chance on Winning a Free Wedding in Hawaii. Image © Digital Vision / Getty Images, Used with Permission.

If you've dreamed of having a destination wedding, but shy away from the travel costs, sweepstakes can help.

For example, if you'd like to be married on white sands with the ocean in the background, check out the beach sweepstakes list. Or if you'd like to check out America's wedding capital, see the Las Vegas Sweepstakes list.

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Relax After Your Wedding by Winning a Spa Vacation

Image of a couple enjoying a massage together.
Want a Relaxing Honeymoon? Enter to Win Spa Sweepstakes. Image (c) Jupiterimages / Stockbyte / Getty Images

Whether you're planning a big blowout or a quiet celebration with friends and family, weddings are usually stressful. If you'd like to forget all the hustle and bustle and honeymoon in a truly relaxing setting, check out the ​spa sweepstakes list.

The sweepstakes on this list are offering prizes that include spa treatments, getaways to relaxing resorts, and more.

A little time together, relaxing and centering yourselves, could be your way to start your married life on the right foot.