Sweepstakes Directory: Find the Types of Prizes You Want to Win

Different Types of Sweepstakes to Enter and Prizes to Win

There are so many sweepstakes running at any given time that no one can enter them all, and trying to do so will just make you crazy. While it's great to have an extensive selection of giveaways to win, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

Focusing your energy on the prizes you want to win is the key to winning prizes you love. Entering attractive sweepstakes faster greatly improves your chances of being a successful sweeper.

So how can you narrow down the hundreds of available sweepstakes to find the ones you want to enter? Use this directory of sweepstakes lists to find and enter sweepstakes that appeal to you.

Whatever giveaways you love best, this sweepstakes directory will help you find them.

Popular Sweepstakes to Enter:

flying money over white
Want to Win Money? Enter These Sweepstakes. imagedepotpro / Getty Images

Want to enter some of the most popular sweepstakes out there? The sweepstakes on these lists are particularly appealing, either because they are offering that most flexible of prizes (cash!), they have better odds of winning, or they're offering big-ticket items for their prizes.

Check these lists for the most popular giveaways and prizes:

Sweepstakes by Entry Frequency:

Image of a clock ticking down to 12
Enter these sweepstakes regularly. Image (c) Henrik-Jonsson / Getty Images

Get the most chances to win sweepstakes possible by entering as often as each one allows. A good plan is to set aside a time to enter each of these regularly.

For example, many enter weekly sweepstakes on Mondays and monthly sweepstakes on the first of the month, while dailies can be done while drinking your morning coffee or unwinding in front of the television in the evening.

Here are sweepstakes lists based on entry frequency:

Time-Sensitive Sweepstakes:

Three days crossed off on wall calendar, close-up
Time-Sensitive Sweepstakes to Enter. Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

Here, you can find time-sensitive sweepstakes like newly-added giveaways and sweepstakes ending soon.

New sweepstakes are important because you can enter them as often as possible. Sweepstakes ending soon are important because you can ensure you get your final entries in before it's too late.

Here are the time-sensitive sweepstakes list:

Win Trips from Dream Vacation Sweepstakes:

Win a Free Trip to Ecuador.
A free trip to Quito, Ecuador and a Galapagos cruise could be yours, if you enter here. Image (c) John Coletti / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Where would you go if money were no object? Enter these sweepstakes and you could let sweepstakes sponsors pick up the tab for your next getaway.

Enter vacation sweepstakes for your chance to win free trips to visit international and domestic vacation spots, trips to Disneyland, Caribbean cruises, and much more.

Plus, learn everything you need to know about what happens when you win a trip, which hidden expenses you can expect, and more.

Here is all the vacation-related information you need:

Could You Use a New Car? Enter These Giveaways:

Close-Up Of Red Car Headlight
Want to Own a Car Like This? Enter These Sweepstakes. Mohamed Elkhamisy / EyeEm / Getty Images

If you'd like to win cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles, then you should check out these fabulous car sweepstakes. All of the prizes in this section include vehicles or related items. Enter to win a new set of wheels today! Plus, get tips about what you need to do if you actually win a new car. 

Information about winning a car:

House and Garden Sweepstakes:

Modern patio next to swimming pool
How to Win Prizes for Your Home and Garden. Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

Could your home use a little work? These House and Garden sweepstakes are giving away all kinds of things for your home, from bathroom upgrades to new kitchen appliances, toys and nurseries, grills and outdoor kitchens. You could even win a whole new house!

Find ways to enter and win house-related prizes:

Keep Up to Date with Technology by Winning the Latest Gadgets:

Image of a Woman Happily Holding a Tablet
Win a Free iPad or Tablet from These Sweepstakes. Image (c) Rolfo / Moment / Getty Images

Do you love computers, gadgets, home theaters, and other electronics?  Here are a bunch of great giveaways for early adopters, for people who want to enter sweepstakes on the go, video gamers, and more. Save your hard-earned money and win electronics prizes instead of buying them yourself!

Electronics sweepstakes and relevant information:

Use Your Skills to Win These Creative Contests:

Image of a person lining up a photograph
Get creative and you could win these contests. Image (c) Matt Dutile / Getty Images

Creative contests give you the chance to win prizes for your skills. Whether you're a great shot with a camera, take creative and funny videos, or are a whiz at whipping up new recipes, you can turn your talents into prizes and have a lot of fun to boot!

These lists feature the top contests running right now in a variety of different categories:

Sweepstakes for Canadians:

Photo of a Canadian flag against a blue sky, illustrating About.com's Canadian Sweepstakes List.
The Canadian Sweepstakes List offers competitions that are open for Canadians to enter. Image © Arnold Media / Getty Images.

 If you live in Canada, this section is for you. Here you can find tips and advice about entering sweepstakes in Canada, answers to common questions, and links to sweepstakes that Canadians are eligible to enter.

Information about sweepstakes for Canadians:

Win Fun and Entertainment Prizes:

Image of a movie ticket in popcorn, illustrating About.com's Free Ticket Sweepstakes List.
Free Ticket Sweepstakes give you the chance to see movies, concerts, plays, and more for free. Image © Diane Macdonald / Getty Images.

Sometimes, it's hard to justify spending money on things that are  just plain fun. That's why it's so great to be able to win entertainment prizes like movie tickets, toys, tickets to see your favorite sports teams play, video games, and more. 

Entertainment sweepstakes to win:

Other Types of Sweepstakes to Enter and Win:

Gold And Diamond Rings On Table
Win Some Bling and Lots of Other Cool Prizes. Mark Hoffler / EyeEm / Getty Images

Here are some other fun giveaways that don't fit into the other sweepstakes categories. Here you'll find sweepstakes you can enter with your kids, prizes for weddings, jewelry and fashion prizes, and more.

Intro to Social Media Contests:

People Entering Social Media Sweepstakes
Enter and Win Social Media Sweepstakes. Tim Robberts / Getty Images

Social media contests are among the fastest-growing types of sweepstakes today. Many people are winning more prizes than ever by turning to social media sites. Find out what social media giveaways are, where to find them, and how to win them!

Blog Contests

Facebook Contests

Twitter Contests

Pinterest Giveaways

Seasonal and Holiday Sweepstakes

Seasonal Sweepstakes Celebrate Specific Events and Holidays. Jutta Klee / Getty Images

These seasonal sweepstakes lists do not run all year long, but are only available at the appropriate time of year. Check these lists for new giveaways starting a month or more before the holiday or event they celebrate.

Here, you can also find expert advice on how to win seasonal contests and sweepstakes:


Being strategic about your sweepstakes entries can help you be more successful and have more fun. If you're not sure which kinds of sweepstakes you like best, try a few of these lists and see which calls to you. Depending on the amount of time you have available, you might be able to work through several of them every day. Good luck!