Sweeping America: Is This Newsletter Worth Your Time and Money?

Review of a Popular Mail-In Sweepstakes Newsletter

The Bottom Line

The Sweeping America newsletter is an excellent resource for finding and winning mail-in sweepstakes.

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  • Sweepstakes newsletter with issues sent every week.
  • Focus on mail-in sweepstakes only.
  • Print out sweepstakes lists, or view online at any time.
  • Email alerts with news, codes, and updates.
  • "Gold Rush" section for sweepstakes with higher odds.


  • Subscription fee.
  • The number of email alerts can feel overwhelming at times.
  • Most sweepstakes are for the US only (some also open to Canada).


  • Mail-In sweepstakes have good odds because fewer people bother to enter. Sweeping America concentrates on these sweepstakes.
  • Sweeping America is sent on a weekly basis, helping you keep abreast of sweepstakes news.
  • The Sweeping America newsletter is written with a friendly and personable voice, making it pleasant to read.
  • You can print out issues of the Sweeping America newsletter and check off the sweepstakes you've entered for easy tracking.
  • The "Gold Rush" section, which focuses on limited-entry sweepstakes, makes it easy to find sweepstakes with good odds.
  • If you prefer online sweepstakes, this is not the newsletter for you. Only a few online sweeps are covered.

Guide Review - Sweeping America Review, a Newsletter for Mail-In Sweepstakes

Sweeping America is an information-packed newsletter that focuses on helping subscribers find and enter mail-in sweepstakes.

Before online sweepstakes became so popular, people entered to win by mail. Today, many people still prefer mail-in sweepstakes because the odds of winning are often higher. (See online vs. mail-in sweepstakes for more information).

One of the reasons why the odds are often good with mail-in sweepstakes is that they can be difficult to find. But if you subscribe to the Sweeping America newsletter, you'll receive weekly lists of current mail-in sweepstakes to enter.

You can print out the Sweeping America newsletter to have on hand when you're ready to fill out the entry forms. You can also access the newsletter online, in your choice of Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Word (.doc) formats.

Sweeping America - What Do You Get for Your Money?

For your subscription fee (which, as of January 2010, was $60 for a yearly subscription, $40 for a 6-month membership, and $20 for a 2-month membership), you receive the following benefits:

  • The weekly newsletter, delivered by email.
  • Access to "Gold Rush" sweepstakes, which are online and mail-in sweepstakes with higher than average odds of winning, mostly limited-entry sweepstakes.
  • Winners Lists. Sweeping America sends in for the winners lists for each sweep they feature, then shares the results with subscribers.
  • A members-only Sweeping America Yahoo Group, which also discusses online sweepstakes and other sweepstakes-related topics.

You can check out a free sample of Sweeping America's newsletter on their website.

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