Surviving Air Force Basic Training

All About Your Initial Uniform Issue

Female soldier doing pull ups at military air force base
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Two or three days after arrival at Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT), you'll be marched to the troop supply area, where you will receive your initial uniform issue.

The word from several recent basic training graduates is that this process is no fun at all. It seems that the kind folks who work there are not very kind. In fact, most recent graduates describe these folks as "mean as hell."

In any event, you will be sized using a scientific method (they'll look at you and say, "you wear a medium." However, you are required to try everything on before you're finished.

What You Will Be Issued During Your Session

In addition to your uniform, you'll receive several other items of clothing and accessories:

  • 1 Duffle Bag
  • 6 Briefs or boxers (guys)
  • 4pr Cotton Socks
  • 4pr Wool Socks
  • 5 Brown T-shirts
  • 2 Towels
  • 1 Belt
  • 1 Belt Buckle
  • 2 PC Shorts
  • 1 Sweat Pants
  • 1pr Running Shoes
  • 4 BDU Trousers
  • 4 BDU Shirts
  • 2 BDU Caps
  • 1pr Combat Boots
  • 1pr Leather Gloves
  • 2 PC T-shirts
  • 1 Sweat Shirt

For women, you can purchase bras and panties at the Troop Mall on the same day as your uniform issue.

Once you've gotten your issue, you'll place everything into the duffle bag and leave. You would think it would make sense to march straight back to the dormitory, and put everything away in inspection order. No, that wouldn't make the T.I.s happy.

Instead, you'll be marched to your next appointment that day, having to march in formation while carrying that heavy duffle bag. In fact, you'll carry that duffle bag with you the rest of the morning (or afternoon if you had an afternoon uniform issue).

Once you finally get your new belongings back to the dormitory, you're not ready to put them away, yet. Everything has to be stenciled with your information (last name and your recruit number).

That way, there's no fighting over who's hat belongs to who, and things won't get lost when they are washed (well, actually things always get lost when they are being washed). Oh, that's another tip: you'll want to make sure that the recruits who are on the laundry team like you.

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