Flexible Jobs for Aspiring Models

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Paying your bills when you’re first getting started as a model is often easier said than done. It’s unusual for a model to earn tons of cash early in their career, so you have to be smart and resourceful until you make a name for yourself. For many models, that means getting a second job. The trick is finding one that doesn’t get in the way of your modeling aspirations. 

It's hard work to get your modeling career off the ground. The job can be grueling—the hours are odd, the locations are always changing, and you have to be ready to go at a moment’s notice—so you’ll need to keep your end goal in mind, and make sure you find work that allows you to keep pursuing your dream. Here are a few ideas for jobs you pick up to help you get by until you’ve built up your reputation. 

Blogger/Freelance Writer

Working as a freelance writer is something that you can usually do working remotely as your schedule allows. What's more, you can tap into your passion for modeling and write about something you love, sharing your knowledge and personal experiences, while covering an industry with which you're familiar.

Makeup Artist

If you’re particularly talented and passionate about the makeup side of the modeling industry, then you might want to explore the option of becoming a part-time makeup artist. This job gives you the flexibility to choose when you work, where you work, and with whom you work, but the real perk is that you still get to work within the modeling industry. You’ll be gaining valuable experience and contacts while earning enough money to follow your true passion. 

Substitute Teacher

One of the best survival jobs for models is substitute teaching, according to blogger Aaron Marcus, a professional commercial model and coach with decades of industry experience. It’s a part-time gig that allows you to pick and choose when you want to work, and it pays pretty well. If you can get enough of these teaching jobs, you’ll have no problem paying your bills while still having time to model on the side. Every state is a little different in terms of educational requirements, so be sure to check your local school system for more details.

Temporary Work

There are tons of temp agencies in major modeling hubs like New York and Los Angeles, and some of them even specialize in the entertainment industry. Most temp jobs are low-stress office jobs that allow you to book out for auditions, go-sees, and bookings.  

Fitness Instructor

Being a personal trainer can be a fun and flexible way to earn money and stay fit. You’re likely to meet all sorts of interesting people, and who knows? It could even lead to some fitness modeling opportunities.

Promotional Work

Companies are always looking for outgoing and attractive event workers, brand ambassadors, and product demonstrators. One day you could be working at a major concert, and the next hosting a cocktail party at a chic hotel.

These types of jobs are often advertised online in places like Craigslist, but to ensure you’re working for legitimate companies in safe environments, it’s always best to work with a professional promo company (a great one to check out is Vantage Advertising). These jobs typically pay well, and you always have the option to accept or decline any gig you’re offered.