4 Action-Packed Superhero vs. Superhero Movie Battles

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Superhero vs. Superhero

Batman v Superman
Warner Bros.

Superhero movie fans went crazy the moment the 2016 movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War were announced. As much as fans love to see their favorite superheroes battling supervillains on movie screens, it’s even more exciting to see superheroes battling each other to finally answer all those “Who would win in a fight?” questions. Besides, we know that after beating respect into each other they usually end up shaking hands, calling a truce, and taking on the real bad guys together in an even BIGGER battle.

However, superhero versus superhero battles are a relatively recent phenomenon in superhero movies because up until the Marvel Cinematic Universe started with 2008’s Iron Man no movie studio had established a movie universe full of superheroes. Before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War hit movie screens, there were already several superhero fights in movies based on Marvel Comics characters. Fans can consider them preliminary fights on the undercard before the main events in 2016’s two biggest superhero blockbusters.

Here are four of the most memorable superhero versus superhero battles in recent blockbuster superhero movies.

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Deadpool vs. Colossus

20th Century Fox

In 2016’s Deadpool, Colossus and Deadpool butt heads when Colossus tries to stop Deadpool from killing his archrival, Francis, while also trying to convince the Merc with a Mouth to become a hero by joining the X-Men. Deadpool refuses, and tries to fight off Colossus. Deadpool has accelerated healing superpowers, but he's not impervious to pain -- and punching and kicking the nearly-indestructible mutant only results in breaking his limbs. Because of that, it's a one-sided fight. Though Deadpool later cuts off his hand to escape Colossus (don't worry, it grows back), there's no question that Colossus was the winner of this fight – even if he didn't actually have to do much to win it.

Winner: Colossus

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Ant-Man vs. Falcon

Marvel Studios

Ant-Man and Falcon came to blows in 2015’s Ant-Man when Ant-Man snuck into what was thought to be an abandoned warehouse to steal a device only to discover it was actually the Avengers' headquarters. Neither Ant-Man or Falcon have superpowers, but both possess advanced technology that makes them capable of superhuman feats. Though Falcon's jetpack enables him to fly and his goggles vastly improve his vision, Ant-Man can shrink to microscopic size. Because of that, it didn't take long for Ant-Man to realize that he could compensate for his inexperience by wreaking havoc on Falcon's jetpack. He shrinks and sneaks inside of it, and then starts monkeying with the circuitry. All's fair in superhero brawls, right?

Winner: Ant-Man

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Thor vs. Iron Man

The Avengers
Marvel Studios

The first meeting between Iron Man and Thor in 2012’s The Avengers probably didn’t go as planned for either superhero. Iron Man and his allies have the treacherous Loki in their possession, but Thor wants to take his brother back to Asgard. The two begin fighting, and it’s clear that Iron Man is outmatched by the mythical strength of the God of Thunder. However, Thor uses his power over lightning to fry Iron Man, and that backfires when it ends up charging Iron Man's armor. Yet even an overpowered Iron Man gets thrashed by Thor. It isn’t until Captain America shows up – and we find out what happens when Thor’s hammer hits Captain America’s indestructible shield – that the superheroes decide to call a truce.

Winner: Thor

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Iron Man vs. The Hulk

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Marvel Studios

Until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man squaring off against the Hulk in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was the champion of movie superhero fights. The Scarlett Witch uses her powers to incite the Hulk into a rampage. To stop him, Iron Man dons his extra-large “Hulkbuster” armor to beat some sense back into the Hulk. The two Avengers then battle it out in the middle of a city, leaving massive destruction with every blow. Unsurprisingly, punching the Hulk just makes him angrier and more out of control, leaving Tony Stark in a very precarious position for much of the battle. To win, Iron Man drops an entire building on the Hulk – and the Avengers face worldwide criticism for causing such destruction.  

Winner: Iron Man