Super Stylish Ways to Commute to and From Work Comfortably

If you live in a walking city it is likely that your commute to and from work requires a lot of walking. While you could throw on a pair of clunky white sneakers and look like you're straight out of the 80s in your casual shoes and business outfit, there are plenty of stylish shoes and products designed to give you comfort without sacrificing style. Here are some suggestions.

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Tieks have been called the most comfortable ballerina flats out there. I will agree, they are incredibly comfortable, but they also come with a hefty price tag. However, if you are looking for a more elegant pair of shoes that can be folded up and carried in your handbag, Tieks are definitely worth considering. In addition to being portable and great to wear on your commute, these shoes are stylish and casual enough for weekend fun and can also be worn during the day at the office without looking inappropriate or out of place. 

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Keds Are Back


If you were around to remember the trends of the 90s you probably remember Keds sneakers being all the rage. Well, Keds are back and more popular than ever. With so many Keds styles to choose from you are bound to find a style that you can wear to commute that will look much better than a clunky pair of sneakers. Keds are much more streamlined and they pack better than larger sneakers.

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Slip on Sneakers


If you want to avoid the traditional sneaker styles but want the comfort of shoes with a rubber sole, check out slip-on sneakers, like classic Vans or TOMS. There have been so many variations on this comfortable shoe style, by many different designers and brands, that you will definitely be able to find a pair that matches your style sensibility while also enabling you to run quicker for the bus.

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An Easy Way to Roll Up Your Pants When Switching From Heels to Flats


A huge problem with changing your shoes from heels to flats while commuting happens when you are wearing pants. If your pants have been hemmed for heels, when you change into flat shoes to commute for comfort the hems of your pants will drag on the ground. To fix this problem, a neat product to check out is Zakkerz, a temporary pant roll-up wrap used to hold pants that have been rolled up to a shorter length for flat shoes.

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Carry Your Spare Shoes in a Shoe Along Bag


Here's the other problem with commuting with several pairs of shoes.  What do you do with your work heels or boots after you've changed into your more comfortable pair for your commute home? A great solution is called the Shoe Along, a stylish, hands-free, shoe bag for women to carry a second pair of shoes or sneakers along with them.  The bag slips effortlessly over your handbag, keeping the contents of your handbag free from dirt and grime.  

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Caring for Your Shoes Means Caring for Your Feet


In addition to comfortable shoes, it's important that you care for your feet to prevent blisters, find comfort, and keep you feet healthy. You can check out products from a company like Solemates to stay comfortable. 

It's not uncommon to need to pad certain parts of your shoes to avoid blisters and other foot issues. When you buy a new pair of shoes look for products like Foot Petals that can cushion painful areas. Designed with feminine flair and a keen sense of style, Foot Petals have been endorsed by not only the American Podiatric Medical Association, but by the fashion industry.

Style and Comfort, Together

Comfort is important, especially if you walk a lot of spend a great deal of time on your feet. With these solutions, you'll not only feel comfortable, but look stylish at the same time.