Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats for Gamecube

How to unlock everything in Melee

Super Smash Bros. for GameCube has cheat codes that unlock alternate music tracks; however, if you want to unlock all Super Smash Bros. Melee characters and battle in the hidden arenas, then you'll have to fight for it.

These cheats apply to Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube.

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How to Unlock All Characters in Melee

Most secret characters must be defeated in battle before you can play as them. If you fail, they will challenge the winner of the next versus mode match. Complete the indicated tasks to face the secret character.

Character How to Unlock
Dr. Mario Successfully complete classic mode as Mario without losing a life. Alternatively, play 100 versus mode matches.
Falco Lombardi Successfully complete the 100 man melee. Alternatively, play 300 versus mode matches.
Ganondorf Successfully complete event 29 (Triforce Gathering). Alternatively, play 600 versus mode matches.
Jigglypuff (Purin) Successfully complete adventure mode on any difficulty setting. Alternatively, fight 50 multiplayer battles.


Successfully complete the first stage of adventure mode with a time of xx:x2:xx (2 must be in the seconds place). You will then have to battle Luigi and defeat him in under one minute. At the end of adventure mode, you'll fight Luigi again. Alternatively, play 800 versus mode battles.
Mr. Game & Watch Successfully complete classic mode with all other 24 characters, or complete target test mode with all other 24 characters to unlock Mr. Game & Watch. Alternatively, play over 1,000 versus mode matches.
Pichu Complete event 37. Alternatively, play 200 matches in versus mode.
Marth Finish classic mode without continuing, using all 14 default characters. Alternatively, play versus mode more than 400 times, or play versus mode with all of the 14 default characters.
Roy Successfully complete the game with Marth in classic mode. Alternatively, play over 900 versus mode matches.
Young Link Successfully complete classic mode ten times with different characters each time. One time must be with Link. Alternatively, complete adventure mode with Ganondorf, or play 500 versus mode matches.

How to Unlock Mewtwo 

Mewtwo may appear to challenge you at random, but you can trigger a fight with him by playing 20 hours in versus mode. The combined number of human players times the number of hours played must equal 20 or greater. For example, if you play with two human players against two CPU players, you must play for 10 hours. For an easy way to get Mewtwo, try this strategy:

  1. Go into Custom Rules Melee and make the following changes:

    • Set Stock to 3
    • Set Item Flow to None
    • Set Stock Time Limit to Off
  2. Choose two of your best characters (for fighting Mewtwo) and start a match in the Pokémon Stadium level.

  3. Place both fighters on the Pokéball in the center of the arena.

  4. Unplug the GameCube controllers and leave the system on overnight to accumulate game time. Do not pause the game.

  5. After enough time has passed, plug in the controllers, then have one of the fighters die three times.

  6. If enough hours have been accumulated, Mewtwo will challenge you. Defeat him to unlock him as a playable character.

There are also character cheats for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch.

Unlockable Stages

You can fight in the secret arenas by meeting the criteria below. The Big Blue, Brinstar Depths, Fourside, or Poké Floats stage will be randomly unlocked after you complete 50 multiplayer matches. Play another 50 matches to unlock the next stage until all are unlocked.

Arena How to Unlock
Battlefield Stage Successfully complete All-Star mode.
Dream Land Stage Successfully complete Break The Targets mode with all fighters to unlock the Dream Land stage.
Final Destination Stage Successfully complete event 51 to unlock the Final Destination stage.
Flatzone Stage Successfully complete classic mode using Mr. Game & Watch without losing a life to unlock the Flatzone stage.
Kongo Jungle Stage Successfully complete 15 Minute Spar mode to unlock the Kongo Jungle stage.
Mushroom Kingdom II Stage Win a Birdo trophy by putting a lot of coins in the lottery, or complete adventure mode with five characters.
Poké Floats Stage Play 50 multiplayer matches.
Fourside Stage Play 50 multiplayer matches.
Brinstar Depths Stage Play 50 multiplayer matches.
Big Blue Stage Play 50 multiplayer matches.
Yoshi's Island Stage Hit over 1,300 feet in home run derby mode with Yoshi to unlock the Yoshi's Island stage.
Random Stage Select Unlock all of the stages except Battlefield, Final Destination, and the three Past Stages. Alternatively, successfully complete classic mode with all characters.

How to Win the Home Run Contest

Use the following strategy with Yoshi to get the highest possible score in the Home Run mini-game:

  1. Grab the bat as soon as you can start.

  2. Turn around and walk up close to the bag.

  3. Tap the jump button as lightly as possible so that Yoshi jumps no more than the size of the bag, then quickly tap Down + A to make him do his downward multi-kick to bump the bag's percentage up 30+.

  4. Keep doing the multi-kick until the countdown is at one, then blast him with the bat. It's possible to get over 1,700 feet with this trick.

How to Unlock the Score Display Option

To unlock the Score Display option in the Additional Melee Rules menu, accumulate more than 5,000 KOs in melee matches. This option lets you hide the score during melee battles.

How to Unlock Extra Events

Unlocking every extra event first requires you to unlock every character.

Event How to Unlock
Extra Events #31-#39 Successfully complete the first 30 events and unlock Jigglypuff, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Falco, and Young Link.
Extra Events #40-#50 Unlock all the characters in the game.
Event #51 Clear all other events.

Secret Trophies

There are some trophies that require you to play other games to unlock them.

Trophy How to Unlock
Luigi's Mansion Trophy Insert a memory card with a saved game from Luigi's Mansion to get a trophy featuring Luigi with a vacuum.
Paper Mario Trophy Hit over 1,500 feet in home run derby mode to get a Paper Mario trophy.
Pikmin Trophy Insert a memory card with a saved game from Pikmin. Begin the game and a Pikmin trophy will be available.
Wave Race Blue Storm Trophy Insert a memory card with a saved game from Wave Race: Blue Storm. Begin the game and a Wave Race: Blue Storm trophy will be available.
Barrel Cannon Trophy Message Look at the bottom of the Barrel Cannon trophy. You will see the message "2L84ME" (too late for me).
Alternate Trophy Background Zoom in on a trophy, then press Start to change the background.

How to Unlock the Sound Test

Unlock all stages, all characters, and all 51 events to unlock the sound test option.

How to Unlock All-Star Mode

Unlock all bonus fighters to unlock the single player All-Star mode. In this mode, you must fight every character in the game using minimal health items.

All-Star Mode Stages

Every character in All-Star mode has a specific stage you fight them in. Eventually, you will fight two opponents at a time, then three opponents at a time.

Between battles, you'll return to a waiting room with a few power-ups and a teleporter to the next fight. Look at the small TV screens behind the teleporter to see which opponent(s) you are fighting next. When it shows two opponents, you'll be in the stage of the opponent on the left. When it shows three opponents, you'll be in the stage of the opponent in the middle. Use the following list to figure out which stage you are going to fight in:

Character All-Star Stage
Mario Rainbow Cruise
Peach Princess Peach's Castle
Donkey Kong Kongo Jungle
Yoshi Yoshi's Story
Link Great Bay
Zelda Temple
Captain Falcon Mute City
Bowser Yoshi's Island
Fox Corneria
Samus Brinstar
Pikachu Pokémon Stadium
Ice Climbers Icicle Mountain
Kirby Green Greens
Ness Onett
Dr. Mario Mushroom Kingdom II (Subcon)
Falco Venom
Pichu Fourside City
Luigi Mushroom Kingdom
Jigglypuff Poké Floats
Mewtwo Battlefield
Mr. Game & Watch Flat Zone
Marth Fountain of Dreams
Roy Final Destination
Young Link Jungle Japes
Ganondorf Brinstar Depths

Trophy Arrangements

Hold L and enter the Collection screen to arrange your trophies in rows. Hold R and enter the Collection screen to arrange trophies in a circle. Hold Y and enter the Collection screen to arrange the trophies in a triangle.

Nintendo Game Systems Easter Egg

Open the Collection screen and zoom in on the background. Look to the right of the television to see most of the Nintendo game systems on display.

Alternate Menu Music

At the title screen, hold A and press Start. Different music will play on the main menu. It's also possible to hear different music in the gallery of trophies. After unlocking the sound test, press A to play a song you like, then press B to exit. When you go to the trophy gallery, that song will be playing instead of the usual one.

Alternate Stage Music List

Hold down A or L + R as you select a stage to have different music play rather than the default track. Some stages have two alternate soundtracks while others just have one.

Stage Alternate Music
Infinite Glacier: Icicle Mountain Ice Climber's Music (A), Ice Climber NES Music (L + R)
Mushroom Kingdom:  Princess Peach's Castle Super Mario Bros. Music (revised)
Mushroom Kingdom: Rainbow Cruise Rainbow Cruise Music
DK Island: Kongo Jungle DK Rap
DK Island: Jungle Japes Donkey Kong Music
Termina: Great Bay Legend of Zelda Music (A); Saria's Song (L + R)
Hyrule: Temple Zelda's Music (A); Fire Emblem Music (L + R)
Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Story Yoshi's Island Music
Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Island Super Mario World Music (A); Super Mario Bros. 3 Music (L + R)
Dream Land: Fountain of Dreams Kirby Music (revised)
Dream Land: Green Greens Kirby Music
Lylat System: Corneria Starfox Music
Lylat System: Venom Fox's Music
Superflat World: Flat Zone Game and Watch Music
Planet Zebes: Brinstar Super Metroid Music
Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths Metroid Music
Eagleland: Onett EarthBound Music (A); Mother Music (L + R)
Eagleland: Fourside Fourside Music
F-Zero Grand Prix: Mute City Capt. Falcon's Music
F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue F-Zero Race Music
Kanto: Pokémon Stadium Pokémon Theme Music (A); Pokémon Red and Blue Battle Music (L + R)
Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Bros. Music (A); Dr. Mario Music (L + R)
Mushroom Kingdom II Super Mario Bros. 2 Music (A); Dr. Mario Music (L + R)
Special Stages: Battlefield Melee
Past Stages: Dream Land Kirby Superstar Music
Past Stages: Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Island Music