Super Mario Odyssey Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs

Cheats and more for Mario's epic journey on Nintendo Switch

There's a ton of stuff to do and see in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch, and it's easy to miss a lot of it if you don't know where to look. You can't even unlock a bunch of stuff until after you defeat Bowser, so we've assembled all of the most important cheats, secrets, unlocks, and techniques you'll need to steer the Odyssey to victory, save Peach, and collect all of the Power Moons.

Super Mario Odyssey Secret Amiibo Bonuses

You can play Super Mario Odyssey just fine without any amiibos, but if you have the right ones, you can actually unlock some pretty cool stuff for free. Of course, you need to progress a little bit into the game before this becomes available.

After you complete the Hole in the Desert quest, you can return to the Odyssey and talk to Uncle Amiibo. This gives you the ability to scan amiibos.

To scan an amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey:

  1. Hold right on the d-pad until the amiibo icon appears onscreen.
  2. With the amiibo icon on the screen, tap an amiibo to the Near Field Communications (NFC) card reader on your joy-con or pro controller.

Here are some of the cool bonuses you can get if you have the right amiibo:

Amiibo What Bonus Does It Give?
Any Bowser Amiibo Highlight any purple coins on your screen.
Any Peach Amiibo Provides a free life-up heart.
Any Mario Amiibo Grants 30 seconds of invincibility.
Any other Amiibo or Amiibo Card Random bonus hearts or coin rewards.

Super Mario Odyssey Secret Amiibo Unlocks

In addition to free hearts and power-ups, amiibos can also unlock costumes in Super Mario Odyssey. These costumes can also be unlocked by playing the game and finding Power Moons, but you can grab them right away if you have the corresponding amiibo.

Amiibo What Costume Does it Unlock?
Bowser (Wedding Outfit) Bowser's tuxedo and top hat.
Mario (Super Mario Series), 8-Bit Mario, or Smash Bros. Mario Classic Mario outfit and hat.
Diddy Kong (Super Mario Series) or Smash Bros. Diddy Kong Diddy Kong suit and hat.
Smash Bros. Dr. Mario Dr. Mario outfit and headgear.
Gold Mario or Silver Mario Gold Mario outfit and hat.
Luigi (Super Mario Series) or Smash Bros. Luigi Luigi outfit and hat.
Mario (Wedding Outfit) Mario's tuxedo and top hat.
Peach (Wedding Outfit) Peach's wedding dress and veil.
Waluigi Waluigi outfit and hat.
Wario (Super Mario Series) or Smash Bros. Wario Wario outfit and hat.

Super Mario Odyssey Unlocks

Most of the content in Super Mario Odyssey can be unlocked by completing the game and collecting Power Moons. A ton of stuff unlocks when you beat the game the first time, and then you can go right on collecting Power Moons to unlocks a bunch of outfits and two brand new kingdoms.

How to Unlock What Does It Unlock?
Complete the game

Every Kingdom in the game gets expanded.

More moons to collect.

New NPCs with new challenges and hunts.

Mushroom Kingdom is unlocked.

Yoshi becomes available to capture.

Ability to purchase wedding outfits from the Crazy Cap store.

Collect 160 Power Moons Luigi outfit.
Collect 180 Power Moons Luigi cap.
Collect 220 Power Moons Dr. Mario outfit.
Collect 240 Power Moons Dr. Mario headwear.
Collect 250 Power Moons Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom.
Collect 260 Power Moons Waluigi outfit.
Collect 280 Power Moons Waluigi cap.
Collect 300 Power Moons Diddy Kong suit.
Collect 320 Power Moons Diddy Kong cap.
Collect 340 Power Moons Wario suit.
Collect 360 Power Moons Wario cap.
Collect 380 Power Moons Hakama.
Collect 420 Power Moons Bowser's tuxedo.
Collect 440 Power Moons Bowser's top hat.
Collect 460 Power Moons Bridal gown.
Collect 480 Power Moons Bridal veil.
Collect 500 Power Moons

Darker Side of the Moon Kingdom.

Gold Mario outfit.

Collect 520 Power Moons Gold Mario cap.
Collect 540 Power Moons Metal Mario outfit.
Collect 560 Power Moons Metal Mario cap.
Collect all 880 power moons

Reveals a new portrait of Bowser in the Wedding Hall.

Allows you to use the unlocked portrait to face Bowser again in a more difficult fight.

Super Mario Odyssey Secret Warp Locations

Warp Zones are a Mario tradition dating all the way back to the 8-bit '80s, and Super Mario Odyssey brings them back with a twist. Hidden throughout the various kingdoms in the game, you will find paintings that are capable of instantly warping you to a different kingdom.

When you enter a warp painting, you will find a flag and a Power Moon on the other side. In some cases, you'll be forced to grab the Power Moon and head back through the warp. In other cases, you'll actually be able to leave the hidden area that you arrive in and explore the new kingdom before officially arriving in the Odyssey later in the game.

Origin Kingdom Destination Kingdom Secret Warp Location
Cascade Bowser Underneath the waterfall where you can find the first Power Moon.
Note: This warp does not activate until you reach Bowser's Kingdom through normal means.
Sand Metro From the Tostarena Ruins Sand Pillar flag, drop yourself down to the desert. Look for a stone tower that's close to a Jaxi Stop. You'll find the warp at the base of the tower.
Note: This warp takes you to a hidden area in Metro Kingdom that you can't leave without going through the warp again. So you'll get a Power Moon, but you won't be able to explore the kingdom.
Lake Sand or Luncheon From the Odyssey, go up the stairs to the left. Look for a flag with a pool in the vicinity, and dive into the pool. You'll find a warp painting at the bottom of the pool.
Note: The destination of this warp, and most of the subsequent warps, depends on which kingdoms and warps you have already visited.
Wooded Luncheon or Sand Capture the Glydon on the Observation deck. Use the Glydon to reach a platform that you will find high above the Charging Stations.
Metro Wooded or Lake Drop yourself down to the platform that's located right behind the Odyssey.
Snow Cascade, Wooded or Lake

Capture a Ty-Foo in the vicinity of the Odyssey and use it to fly East until you manage to find a big stone block that's located on a cliff. Blow the block using Ty-Foo's ability and then use the block to reach the platform where the warp is located.
Note: The Snow Kingdom area must be completed for the warp painting to appear.

Seaside Cascade, Lake or Wooded Use the water jets that launch you into the main fountain, and dive down to find the warp painting.
Note: The boss of this kingdom must be defeated for the warp painting to appear.
Luncheon Mushroom Use a Lava Bubble to reach the far Northeastern island, and head to the North end of the island from the Lava Checkpoint. You'll find the warp on a lower platform.
Bowser Seaside or Snow From the main courtyard where you fight two Broodals, you'll find a building to the left. The warp painting is located on the other side of the building.
Note: The painting will appear blank until you progress far enough in the story.
Mushroom Snow or Seaside You'll find the warp painting on the ground to the South of the Odyssey.

How to Answer Pauline's Questions

When you reach the Metro Kingdom, you'll have the opportunity to answer a bunch of questions for Pauline. She will then give you a quest. Upon completing the quest, she will provide you with a Power Moon.

The good news is you can save some time on the question and answer part with this cheat sheet:

Pauline's Question Answer
What do you think my hobby is? Going on walks.
Which of these things did I actually do a long time ago? Captured by an ape.
How am I doing as Mayor? Fantastic!
What is my most treasured possession? A hat.
What am I bad with? Fixing machines.
What kind of music do I like? Peppy music.
What do I just adore? Cake.

Super Mario Odyssey Secrets and Techniques

Super Mario Odyssey is a pretty simple game to pick up, but it has a ton of advanced techniques and secrets that can help you get ahead, shake things up, or even take cooler screenshots.

Secret or Technique How to Do It
Reveal things Cappy can capture. Leave Mario idle for a while. White hats will appear over things Cappy can capture.
Get a secret heart.

Perform Mario and Cappy's spin move while standing on a red flower with a green stalk.

Throw Cappy at graffiti that looks like Mario or Peach in a cat outfit.

Get easy Power Moons.

Scan any amiibo that doesn't already unlock something in the game after holding left on the D-Pad. This will send the amiibo out to locate a Power Moon.

Defeat the boss in any kingdom, and speak with Talkatoo to receive a clue about the location of a Power Moon.

Defeat the boss in any kingdom and pay 50 coins to Hint Toad, and he will mark the location of a Power Moon on your map.

Locate and speak to NPCs like Captain Toad, Peach, and Goombette.
Note: Check out the next section for every Goombette location.

Change the music in any kingdom. Jump up on the globe at the Odyssey to change the background music. The music that plays will depend on the kingdom you're in.
Take cool screenshots. Pause the game and press down on the d-pad. This activated photo mode, which allows you to apply filters, stickers, and change other options before taking screenshots.
Cancel a Cappy capture. If you accidentally throw Cappy at the wrong thing, press the ZL to cancel the capture.
Correct a poorly aimed throw. Shake your joy-con after throwing Cappy to activate a homing shot.

Super Mario Odyssey Hidden Goombette Locations

If you want to unlock everything that Super Mario Odyssey has to offer, you'll need to get your hands on every single Power Moon you can. Some of them are easy to find, others are more hidden, and then there are the ones that Goombette has stashed away.

You will find Goombette hiding in seven different places scattered across six different kingdoms, and you'll need to capture, stack, and deliver goombas to her to earn her Power Moons. This can be tricky, so here are the instructions you'll need to get the job done:

Kingdom Goombette Location

After defeating the Broodal at the inverted pyramid, go stack up four goombas at the ruins with the quicksand. Then head up and to the right along a narrow walkway until you reach a floating platform. Ride the platform across the quicksand, and jump up to the next area. You'll find the hidden Goombette to the left above some raised stone and sand.

Stack up goombas in the same area as before, then head to the right and go around the building. You'll need to turn left when you reach the end and head straight. Turn left when you can go no further, and you'll eventually reach Goombette.

Lake Defeat the Broodal, and head up the staircase that appears. Stack up all 10 goombas you find, and head back to the Odyssey. You'll find Goombette right behind your ship.

Defeat the Broodal you find atop the Sky Garden Tower, which returns you to the entrance of the kingdom. Go through the forest where you saw a bunch of poison before, and capture a tank.

Use the tank to blow through soil in the metal wall, head through, and get out of the tank. You'll need to pull the lever on a little robot you find, take the seed he drops, and plant it in the nearby pot. This will provide you with a vine that you can climb up to an area where you will find goombas.

Make a stack out of all the goombas you find, and take them to the nearby platform with Goombette on top.

Seaside Head to the left of the Odyssey to find the goombas. Stack up all five, and then head up the hill between the nearby cliffs. You'll find Goombette on a platform to the left.
Luncheon Head to the right of the Odyssey and stack up four goombas. Carefully maneuver them to Goombette, which you will see to the left of the Odyssey.
Mushroom Use Cappy to drain the moat around the castle by removing four wooden plugs, then go around the edge of the kingdom until you find Goomba Wood. Stack up 10 goombas, and return to the drained moat. You'll find Goombette on a platform above the moat.