Download "Super Mario 3: Mario Forever" on the PC for Free

Considered one of the best Super Mario clones

"Super Mario 3: Mario Forever" is a remake of the original Nintendo classic "Super Mario Brothers" game released in the 1980s. The original PC version of "Super Mario 3: Mario Forever" was released by Buziol Games, a developer that specializes in clones and remakes of classic platform games like "Super Mario," "Sonic the Hedgehog," "Legend of Zelda," "Metroid," and many other platformers.

"Super Mario 3: Mario Forever" has gone through a number of updates and redevelopments over the years, along with slight name changes for each update. The update from 2012 was known as "Super Mario Forever 2012," and the 2015 update was titled "Super Mario: Mario Forever 2015."

Regardless of the name, the game remains one of the best Super Mario clones available for the PC. It offers slick graphics that stay true to the original Nintendo games and excellent gameplay. The game's storyline also stays faithful to the classics.

"Super Mario 3: Mario Forever" gameplay

gameplay of Super Mario Forever

Players control Mario and strap on Mario's hardhat as they jump fire and collect coins through various levels to fulfill the ultimate quest to save the princess. Game levels and maps include underwater caverns, fiery lava, flying, and much more.

The controls available are all those found in the original. They're as easy to learn and use as the Nintendo version after a few tries. Better yet, try using an old-school retro USB Nintendo controller available for the PC.

"Mario Forever" also includes hidden maps and levels that make the game extra special when compared to the dozens of other Super Mario clones. One such world is the Owaga World, which is insanely difficult.

To gain access to Owaga World, from the start screen guide Mario as far to the right of the screen as you can go and then jump on the platform that is two blocks wide. Then hold down the Z key and jump as far to the right as you can. If successful you will be transported into the secret area where you'll continue to move Mario along to the right until you come to a seemingly dead-end pipe. This pipe actually allows you to enter and go down into the level called Owaga World.

About Buziol Games

Buziol Games is the developer of "Mario Forever" as well as a number of other platform games both Mario and non-Mario themed. Some of their more popular titles include "Mario Forever Galaxy" and "Street Fighter 3." Buziol also hosts a Nintendo remake site known as Softendo as well as their site. You can also visit the Download.CNET page for Softendo/Buziol to download their games.

More "Super Mario" clones

While "Mario Forever" is considered by many to be the best Super Mario clone available for the PC, there are other quality Mario games available for free download to play on the PC. They include the previously mentioned "Mario Forever Galaxy," as well as "Super Mario XP," "Mario Worlds," and "Super Mario Epic 2."

Download links and sites

The sites that are safe to visit and download "Mario Forever" include, Acid Play, and, as well as the Softendo website.

Installer Warning

Read all of the fine print when installing, as some installers include third-party add-ons that make changes to your system, such as altering your default search engine, homepage, and other browser settings.