Super Funny Music Parody Videos By The Key Of Awesome

Super funny spoofs of the hottest hits in movies and pop music.

Looking for some absolutely hilarious PARODY music videos? Look no further! YouTube-based comedy troupe The Key of Awesome spoofs the latest pop culture and musical hits with an accuracy that is both scary-good and laugh-out-loud funny. Plus, their celebrity impersonations are dead-on!

 Don't take my word for it; check out 10 of their funniest and most wildly viral hits below.

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Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood"

Via YouTube.

America's sweetheart Taylor Swift is ticked off, and here's what she's going to do about it.

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The Hunger Games: "The Hanging Tree"

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You've heard the craptastic, monotone Jennifer Lawrence recording that is being passed off as a radio hit, right? Well parody video says what we're all thinking:

"All you, all you, gullible pre-teens

will buy any crap

if it involves me."

Enough said? Enough said.

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Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass"

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Meghan Trainor's pro-booty anthem gets the Key of Awesome treatment with this bubble gum acid trip of a video. Bonus points for mentioning how, shall we say, bum-obsessed we all were in 2014.

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Lorde's "Royals"

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Poor Lorde may be the Queen Bee, but she is not exempt from lampooning! Lorde's uber popular song gets the parody treatment as the Key of Awesome team wonders if maybe, just maybe, the teenaged singer is getting a little bit spoiled.

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Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

Via YouTube.

 You've NEVER seen Taylor Swift get spoofed like this.

"Acting like I'm clueless

But I can be ruthless

If you break my heart you'll wind up

In a crappy song."

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Kesha's "Tik Tok"

In the video for Kesha's biggest hit, she basically comes off looking like a dirty party girl with questionable personal hygiene practices. Enter the parody version, "Glitter Puke." There's a good reason why this video was the second most viewed clip EVER on YouTube in 2010.

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Lady Gaga's "Telephone" (Featuring Beyonce)

The "Telephone" was a wild ride all on its own, and this spoof stays pretty true to the original but with all new funny song lyrics, over-the-top costumes, and the general zaniness that is their signature style. Also, the lead actresses look (and sound) SO MUCH like Lady Gaga and Beyonce. It's actually kind of scary.

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Katy Perry's "California Gurls"

Katy Perry's California Gurls is an instant pop classic. This spoof version is also a new classic, and the lyrics are about as biting as the Key of Awesome ever gets. It's definitely harsh... but definitely funny too!

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Psy's Gangnam Style

There were literally dozens of Gangnam Style parody videos circulating in 2012, but this one actually goes there. Instead of featuring singer Psy, the video's protagonist is the hated North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un.

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One Direction's "One Thing"

One Direction might be kaput, but this parody of "One Thing" will live on! The lyrics tell the story of a middle aged man who suddenly becomes a HUGE fan of the tween sensations, donning salmon skinny pants, suspenders, and a bad toupe so that he can be just like the band members. 

Article updated by Beverly Jenkins on September 2, 2015.