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The Super Bowl has provided plenty of memorable moments -- and, honestly, a few bonehead plays and clunker games. But, those moments, good and bad, have also yielded a surprising trove of fascinating tidbits. From the most bizarre play in Super Bowl history to the longest kick return for a touchdown and the most yards gained by a player, bring out your true fan and test your knowledge of football's biggest annual game.

Trivia Questions

  1. What is considered the most bizarre play in Superbowl history?
  2. During that play, how did the players -- from opposing teams -- know each other?
  3. What was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl game?
  4. What was the longest kick return in Super Bowl history?
  5. What player gained the most yards in a single Super Bowl game?
  6. What winning team spent the least time playing in the lead during the game?
  7. What quarterback had the most consecutive pass completions?
  8. What player holds the record for the most consecutive championships?
  9. Who is the only quarterback to be named Super Bowl MVP without throwing a touchdown pass?
  10. Who scored the most Super Bowl touchdowns over the course of a career?
  11. Who is the oldest coach to have coached a Super Bowl team?
  12. Who was the oldest player to play in a Super Bowl?
  13. Who was the oldest starting quarterback to play in a Super Bowl?

Trivia Answers

  1. Jerry Rice, himself a former NFL and Superbowl star when he played for the San Francisco 49rers, provides the answer to this one. In his book about the game that he coauthored with Randy O. Williams, "50 Years, 50 Moments: The Most Unforgettable Plays in Super Bowl History" -- a must read for all true fans -- Rice explained the play, which occurred during Super Bowl VII on Jan. 13, 1974. The Miami Dolphins were trying to cap a perfect season with an undefeated record, and they seemed to be ready to do so, leading the Washington Redskins 14-0 late in the game. The Dolphins decided to kick a field goal, which would have put them up 17-0 with minutes to play. Out came the Dolphins' Garabed Sarkis "Garo" Yepremian, who had actually scored the most points in the NFL that season and was noted for his accuracy. But, on this day, Yepremian's kick was blocked -- and the ball came right back to Yepremian. Instead of just falling on it, as all football players are drilled to do, he tried to pass it. Redskins cornerback Mike Bass galloped down the sidelines for a Washington touchdown, almost reversing the tide of the game.
  2. Yepremian and Bass had been teammates years before on the taxi squad -- now known as a practice squad -- for the Detroit Lions. "No way am I going to let a kicker tackle me," Bass told Rice and Williams in describing the play. "Besides, I'd seen Garo run when we're on the same tax squad in Detroit. I knew he couldn't run."
  3. That honor also goes to this same game between the Redskins and Dolphins. The Dolphins ended up winning, 14-7, but the 21 total points were the fewest scored by both teams in the more than half a century the game has been played.
  4. Jacoby Jones of the Baltimore Ravens returned a kick for a 108-yard touchdown against the San Fransisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII, NFL.com notes. Baltimore won the game, 34-31, so the return made a big difference.
  5. Tom Brady finished Super Bowl LI with 466 yards on 43-of-62 passing to go with two touchdowns and one interception, according to Bleacher Report.
  6. This was also the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. Tom Brady was named the game's most valuable player after marshaling a historic comeback from a 25-point deficit against the Atlanta Falcons, winning in overtime 34-28. Until scoring the final touchdown, the Patriots had not led for a single second during the game.
  7. It's not surprising that Brady also takes this honor with 16. What is surprising is that the Patriots lost the game. NFL.com notes that Brady set the record during Super Bowl XLVI when New England lost to the New York Giants, 17-14. To really rub salt in the wound, the Giants' quarterback, Eli Manning, was named the game's MVP.
  8. It's not who you think. Ken Norton Jr. played for the Super Bowl champions Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII and for the champion San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIX. Dallas did win three Super Bowls during the mid-1990s, but they were not all consecutive. Dallas won Super Bowl XXX, the year after San Fransisco's Jan. 29, 1995, victory over the San Diego Chargers.
  9. Joe Namath is the only quarterback to win Super Bowl MVP without throwing a touchdown pass, according to ESPN, adding that: "For all his bravado going into the game -- a guarantee, anyone? -- Namath wasn't all that spectacular during the game, going 17-for-28 for 208 yards."
  10. No surprise here: Rice, perhaps the best receiver in NFL history, scored eight touchdowns over the course of four Super Bowl games, notes NFL.com.
  11. Bill Belichick was 64 when he coached the Patriots to their win in Super Bowl LI.
  12. Matt Stover was a 42-year-old kicker for the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, when they lost to the New Orleans Saints, 31-17.
  13. At age 39, Peyton Manning became the oldest starting quarterback during Super Bowl 50, when his Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers, 24-10.