Sun in Scorpio - Zodiac Signs

October 20th to November 20th

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Scorpios' outer mask of cool control is cover for a tempestuous inner life. In a word, Scorpios are intense, and are driven by a crucible of pressure within that's felt around them. 

Scorpio Vivien Leigh, who brought the passions of Scarlett O'Hara to life in Gone with the Wind said, "I'm a Scorpio and Scorpios eat themselves out and burn themselves up like me." 

Death Eaters

The whole range of emotions is there with Scorpio, including poignant love that is strong enough to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Your Scorpio friend is the one you want by your side, when you lose someone you love, or are facing a severe ordeal. 

Scorpios are great listeners, I find, because they are listening with deep sonar, into the hidden layers. I've had many Scorpio friends, and they amaze me with their superpowers of psychic knowing, which they often offer in an honest, matter-of-fact way.  

Though Scorpios are water signs, I've observed them as level-headed and straightforward about the most severe scenarios. Perhaps this comes from being at home in ordeals and when feelings are stirred up.

Once they've illuminated the problem though, Scorpios won't go along with a victim story or do anything to reinforce helplessness. Scorpio is a sign of power, and they respect those who work their everyday magic, to change their lives. 

The Most Dangerous Sign?

Of all the Zodiac signs, Scorpio is considered the most dangerous and deadly to know. And this comes from the reputation for harboring dark feelings, for obsessive tendencies and for passions that take over. 

Scorpio's ruler is Pluto, the planet that initiates us through ordeals, where we're stripped of all we've known. Scorpio is a sign that's intimate with the sense of something greater taking over -- a primal force -- and with that, comes the wisdom to be wise and cautious. 

So some of the cagey behavior of Scorpio, or the secretiveness, comes from the need to manage this intensity within. 

Scorpio is the sign of psychic-emotional extremes, like depressive torment, jealous rages and obsession. It's the sign of emotional courage, and also of wrestling with demons (symbolic or literal). 

On the Zodiac wheel, Scorpio is the first sign that dives into dark, unknown waters. And so, there comes with Scorpio a certain mystique, and a sense of risk. Being a Scorpio means that the dark holds treasures and vital energy, that is the raw material for the new.

Scorpio is the alchemist, who sometimes deals with toxic elements, and transforms them.

Raw Ambition

There’s a simmering depth to those born with the Sun in Scorpio that can be intimidating. Often you just know they’re intuitively taking in everything around them and revealing very little. And don’t expect instant friendship here, as it takes time to win the trust of the wary Scorpio.

The Sun in Scorpio has the drive to succeed, and often has extracurricular activities that take it up a notch. I admire the relentless effort that Scorpio puts into what they want to achieve. As a Scorpio, when you find your niche, you can let loose that need to put your whole self into what you're doing. 

Scorpios are great competitors because of their built-in radar for the weaknesses of the opponent. They’ll remain calm until the exact right moment when a targeted sting will do the most damage. That’s why in relationships of any kind they are a formidable enemy if betrayed

The Human Lie-Detector

The Scorpio often goes into psychological territory that others fear to tread, and emerges both wiser and transformed. They’re the deep-sea divers of the Zodiac, experiencing every situation on many levels, much of it in the unconscious realms. Many Scorpios are drawn to the mysterious and otherworldly, since so much of their nature lies hidden in subterranean waters.

In a relationship with a Scorpio, you’ve got to be strong-willed to keep from being controlled by their undertow. And never try to hide anything from them, because they’ll quickly “read” it on your face.

They’ve earned a reputation for being highly sexual, and need an amorous outlet for all that emotional intensity. Scorpio is a sign of a strong libido, as well as reserves of physical vitality. In and out of the bedroom, Scorpios need catharsis, and the kind that's satisfying body and soul. 

To those few they allow into their private worlds, they are fiercely loyal and have an enveloping sensuality that makes all the drama worth it.

The Dates:

October 24th through November 22nd


determined, intense, ambitious, passionate, formidable

The Shadow Site:

vengeful, secretive, jealous, manipulative, cunning, obsessive

Quality and Element:

Fixed and Water