Aspects to Natal Sun in Birth Chart

Sun Setting Over a Field
Felicia Coulton/EyeEm/Getty Images

Any planet that engages with the Sun sign in our make-up alters how that core light shines. With harmonies, the radiance is supported and directed in productive ways. With the harder aspects, there can be blocks to overcome, on the journey to fully radiating that light.


With the conjunction (☌), your will is intensified with emotional potency. Your self-expression has deep backing, a foundation, and this comes across as a solid sense of Self. You're likely a Double of that sign/element, for a singularly felt, concentrated persona. You're subjective, and find it hard to step into another's shoes.

The harmonious trine or sextile makes you generally self-assured and happy. You are settled deeply in who you are. You're easy to be with because you like yourself.

With the stressful square or opposition, you have some inner turmoil to deal with. What you want and what you need can be wildly at odds. You are easily agitated, restless, and have extreme mood swings.


There's only the conjunction (☌) since these two cosmic bodies are never more than 28 degrees from each other. Mind and personal will in synch. Mercury is a keen translator for core solar drives. A natural ease with writing, storytelling, non-verbal communication (music, art, movement), gestures, sharing your worldview. Very close orb conjunctions give you a wired, talkative personality.


Venus travels near the Sun, so the only aspect is the conjunction (☌). With Venus warming your Sun, you're radiant to others and friendly. A close conjunction means big talents for beautifying and sharing the good life. You go after what makes life pleasurable and artful.


The conjunction (☌) means you're physically energetic. You move forcefully toward your goals. Your battery is charged, to act in the moment, as opportunities come up.

With the conjunction, trine and sextile, you strike while the iron is hot, which means you're often successful. You like to live at your edge, where the raw force of Mars can do the bidding of the Sun. You say "Yes!" to life and often have a jam-packed schedule.

With the tense square, you're prone to big rages, frustrations, and can have what feel like dangerously impulsive outbursts. It takes time to control this kind of intensity. It helps to get physical, do lots of sports, especially competitive ones.


The harmonies, conjunction/trine/sextile, give you a larger-than-life personality. You have an expansive, generous nature that's inspiring. You believe in the future, and that optimist streak is a catalyst itself for leaps of faith. This endows you with better than average luck, which then boosts your confidence that things will work out. Your life with money can be blessed, too.

When you've got the square or opposition, you are prone to grandiose thinking. You may expect good things delivered on a silver platter, without effort. When your good-natured attitude meets discipline, you overcome any tendencies toward "coasting" through life.


You are self-motivated, and carry an inner pressure that’s only relieved through your own efforts. The harmonies (conjunction, trine, sextile) ease the way to find a structure for your natural gifts. You are a realist, and able to plot out steps to a goal. You are conscientious, hard-working, and often set yourself up for a high standard of achievement. You are seasoned over time by the strength of your character, and willingness to take on responsibility. Success may come later in life, but all will know (especially You), that you’re a self-made man or woman.

The harder aspects (square, opposition) give you a heavy, burdened personality that can be self-defeating if you’re not able to overcome it. Your discouraged attitude can create a self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘failure.’ Hard work, and persevering through frustration is the pathway through.


There’s something unusual, eccentric, electrifying about Sun-Uranus people. The harmonies (conjunction, trine, sextile) give you brilliance, and the impulse to take risks and follow your own wholly unique path. You shine as a genius at whatever you do. You vitalize a group, with your lightning bolt, futuristic, innovative ideas.

With the harder aspects (square, opposition), your restless need to break free can lead to misjudgments. You could be accident prone or engage in super risky behavior.


Your personality is touched by magic, enchantment, and able to draw on the imagination as a force in the ‘real world.’ When there’s a harmony (conjunction, trine, sextile), you’re a born dreamer or artist, able to bring worlds into being. You are especially forgiving and warm, especially to souls who’ve lost their compass.

Your compassion can lead you into the healing arts, or make you a memorable kind person to encounter. You’ve got a mesmerizing personal ‘atmosphere,’ that might be glamorous, mysterious or ‘spiritual.’

With the square or opposition, you may ‘lose yourself’ too easily in people or causes. You can be lead astray and derailed from your life purpose if you’re not discerning. You may have a vivid fantasy life that keeps you from fully engaging in the ‘real world.’


The ease-full aspects (conjunction, trine, sextile) give you intensity and presence. You shine a light on what’s hidden and can extract a viable seed from a big mess that others run from. You evoke strong feelings in others and are a formidable adversary. You have big reserves of energy when you master your own intensity. You can be confident, when you trust that anything can be transmuted (shift shape), into something new.

The person with harder aspects (square, opposition) often gets embroiled in power struggles. Defending yourself can feel like a matter of life and death. You can go through experiences that feel annihilating, before emerging renewed.