Summer Street Style - Denim Shorts and Designer Bag

Woman's legs in denim shorts with Gucci purse
Wear a designer bag with your casual denim shorts outfits. Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
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Wear Jean Shorts and Carry a Fabulous Bag

Distressed jean shorts and designer purse
A fabulous bag dresses up even casual denim shorts. Pat Lyttle/Getty Images

Street style photos are a great place to get fashion inspiration the whole year round — and they're also the place where new trends tend to show up first. We've noticed a great recent street style trend of dressing up basic jean shorts outfits by adding a fabulous bag. For busy women, the idea that a single, amazing accessory could upgrade all your different outfits in denim, because it doesn't require a ton of shopping for new wardrobe pieces to look polished every day, is a real goldmine. Plus, while the looks on the following pages will inspire logo envy, they can also work as inspiration. (If you can't afford the investment in a designer purse, websites such as Amazon Fashion can offer plenty of look-a-like bags at a fraction of the price). Take a look at our fashion round-up of how women are wearing designer bags with denim shorts now, to inspire you to put together great looks this summer.

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Cut-Off Denim Shorts and Trendy Clutch

Street style jean shorts and Cynthia Rowley clutch purse
Cut-off jean shorts and Cynthia Rowley clutch purse. George Wileman/Getty Images

Wondering if you can pull off wearing cut-off jean shorts for dressier occasions this summer? Here's your fashion formula. Pair short shorts with a silky top and carry a bag of the moment, such as the Cynthia Rowley Smiley Face bag pictured here. Add multiple arm bangles and strut into your event with confidence.

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Levi's Shorts and Black Leather Satchel

Street style Levi's jean shorts and designer purse
Levi's jean shorts and designer satchel. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

What could be more all-American cool to wear when travelling than an outfit of Levi's jean shorts and a brand t-shirt, worn with a high-quality designer bag and a youthful high ponytail? An expensive-looking, black leather satchel upgrades this easy outfit, making it wearable for all your city sightseeing stops.

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Jean Shorts and Furla Purse

Denim shorts and Furla purse street style
Denim shorts and Furla purse. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Boyfriend cut-off jean shorts, a basic white tee and casual slide sandals are dressed up for Fashion Week by adding an exotic, snakeskin purse with chain-strap detail.

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Pool Party Outfit With a Logo Purse

Woman in bikini top and denim shorts with designer purse
Win your pool parties with this denim shorts outfit. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Win all your pool parties this year with this exceptionally stylish summer outfit idea. Denim shorts are a favorite swimsuit cover-up, but adding a bold name designer purse, as pictured here, takes this classic fashion combination to the next level of style and confidence. Wear it to all your in-town pool parties, or on your next beach vacation.

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Denim Shorts Outfit and Chanel Backpack

Street style jean shorts Chanel backpack
Jean shorts and Chanel backpack. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

An easy outfit for summer evenings gets a dose of high fashion. A Chanel backpack is worn over a sheer black blouse and high waisted jean shorts, upgrading the outfit for a more expensive vibe.

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Louis Vuitton Purse and Double Denim

Louis Vuitton Purse and Double Denim
Louis Vuitton Purse and Double Denim. Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

How can you instantly dress up an easy, breezy, denim-on-denim summer look for city wear? Take a chambray shirt and frayed jean shorts, and add a drool-worthy Louis Vuitton bag in textured black leather.

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Black Denim Shorts and Prada Bag

Black denim shorts and Prada bag street style
Black denim shorts and Prada bag. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Can you say logo-envy? From the Givenchy t-shirt to the covetable black Prada handbag and obviously designer sunglasses, this edgy summer outfit with black denim shorts and ankle boots is a cut above the crowd.

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Jean Cut-Offs and Embellished Bag

Street style denim shorts date outfit
Street style denim shorts date outfit with a great bag. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

A beautifully embellished leather clutch adds something extra special to a European-inspired, summer date outfit of cut-off jean shorts, a cute black top and a short trench coat.

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Shredded Jean Shorts and Celine Bag

street style Shredded Jean Shorts and Celine Bag
Shredded Jean Shorts and Celine Bag. Pat Lyttle/Getty Images

Here's how to instantly transform a basic summer outfit, into one you can wear gallery-hopping, to a creative meeting or out on a date. A brightly colorful, Celine handbag is the focal point of this low key, sexy outfit with a sheer white blouse and ultra-distressed denim shorts.

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Cross-Body Bag Over Jean Shorts

Street style denim shorts and a cross body bag by Saint Laurent
Denim shorts and a cross body bag by Saint Laurent. Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Inspire fashion followers when you accessorize a denim shorts outfit with a cross-body designer purse. Pictured here, a cool summer outfit of vintage denim shorts, graphic tee and tailored blazer get added polish from a Saint Laurent leather bag.

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Bohemian Outfit and Chanel Purse

Street style denim and Chanel bag
Street style denim shorts and Chanel bag. Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

A summery, bohemian outfit of a scarf-inspired blouse and high waisted denim shorts gets a dose of city glamour, when a quilted Chanel logo bag is layered on top.

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Distressed Jean Shorts and Ladylike Purse

Cuffed jean shorts and polished purse street style
Cuffed jean shorts and polished purse stre. Edward Bethelot/Getty Images

Sometimes, looking polished comes down to wearing grown-up looking accessories that make your outfit look more expensive — and thus, more intentionally fashionable. Here, rolled cuff jean shorts with distressed details get an upgrade with the addition of a structured Minelli bag in leather and suede.

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Neutral Bag and Jean Shorts Outfit

Trusardi Bag and Cut-Off Denim Shorts street style photo
A neutral leather bag is smartly chic for summer. Timur Emek/Getty Images

How to play up the rich vibe of a beige leather shirt, worn over lived-in jean shorts? Add a high-quality, cross-body designer purse in pebbled leather that closely matches the hue of your top. Gold jewelry and neutral shoes are the ideal finishing touches.

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Hippie Jean Shorts Outfit and Leather Bag

Hippie Jean Shorts Outfit and Leather Bag
Hippie Jean Shorts Outfit and Leather Bag. Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Opposites attract in fashion — and summer outfits are no exception. Add unexpected polish to a hippie-inspired outfit in high-rise jean shorts and a 70s-style blouse, by adding a ladylike, chain strap purse in black leather.