These Images Totally Illustrate Our Love-Hate Relationship With Summer

Summer is great... except is it always this hot?

Via decadenthumor.tumblr.

Summer is here, and along with it come the usual litany of complaints.

Standard Operating Procedure on the internet is to spend fall dreading the impending cold weather, then spend all winter complaining about snow storms and cold weather. After that, we'll spend the spring wishing the weather would finally get warm enough for us to venture outside... then spend all summer kvetching that it's too darn hot outside! Serious question... are we ever truly happy with the weather we're given, or are we all just a bunch of whiners?

*Raising hand slowly*

Count us in with the "whiner" camp! When it comes to the four seasons, we've all got a bit of a Goldilocks complex: Nothing ever feels "just right." Maybe human beings have become a bunch of wimps who would prefer to live in a 72 degree (F) bubble at all times, or maybe we just really enjoy complaining about things we can't control. Who knows? Either way, our love-hate relationship with summer is on full display online in the form of funny web memes, comics, and social media postings. Here are some of the funniest images that prove that when it comes to our relationship with the summer, our status is definitely "it's complicated."

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It Only Hurts When I Breathe

Via Pinterest.

Say it with me: Sunscreen is our friend! Let's all try not to become an internet cautionary tale.

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I'm Meltiiiiinnnngggg

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Only the truly vain among us (ahem) know the pain of attempting to put on moisturizer and foundation when it's 100 degrees outside. Prepare to witness an epic battle between your face and Estee Lauder, and Estee has the upper-pore-clogging-hand.

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Boy, Bye. Bye, Boy

Via Dumpaday.

"I'll be in the walk-in cooler if anybody needs me." 

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Welcome To My Worst Nightmare

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My friends and I call this "People Soup," and it's why we don't go to Six Flags anymore. 

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Annie, Are You Okay?

Via Pinterest/Pam Parrella.

God bless that sweet A/C. 

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Speaking Of Air Conditioning

Via thefederalistpapers.

General rule of thumb: Keep your room the same temperature year-round. Why do some stores think the store has to be 50 degrees in the summertime when they're kept at 75 in the winter? 

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True Story

Via Pinterest.

For those of us who turn into pieces of charred toast after spending time in the sun, this image is all too real. 

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Jane Austin Knows What's UP

Via motifake.

In case you can't make it out, the Jane Austin quote on this meme is "What dreadful hot weather! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance."

Same, Jane. Same.

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OMG It's Hot Out There

Via Imgur.

Something about seeing that sun shining outside through the window really makes you feel like you're missing out! Then you actually go out, and you're like, "Um, it's hot out here."

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Stupid Summer Body

Via memebinge.

That awkward moment when your summer body looks just like your winter body.... 

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Just A Wee Bit Overheated

Via decadenthumor.tumblr.

There's a reason Hell is supposed to be boiling hot. It's because feeling boiling hot is HELL.

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Swamp Butt

Via Quickmeme.

Say hello to Swamp Crotch. I have a feeling you two are going to be BEST FRIENDS this summer. 

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Liquid Cat

Via Pinterest.

 Poor kitty didn't know what hit him.

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Don't Forget How Awful The Bugs Are!

Via 9gag.

As if the excessive heat weren't enough, we also have biting flies to look forward to. Yayyy, summer.  

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What Else Do You Expect Me To Do?

Via Pinterest.

"It's hot, lady. Damn hot! If you had any sense, you'd get in here next to me." - This Dog

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Arizona, It Has Been Nice Knowing You

Via Pinterest/C Powers.

Smells good. Like fajitas.

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Does This Car Have Air Conditioning?

Via funny-potato.

As far as stupid fixes go, we've definitely seen worse.

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Ice Ice Maybe

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We can think of worse places to take a little ice nap this summer.

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Summer, We Love-Hate You

Via someecards.

This is the conundrum we all face! We look forward to being warm all year long, but then we remember the downsides of summer. The insects. The sunburns. The heat of a thousand suns.

Then again, sometimes we get celebrities running around half-naked, wielding a Nerf gun. So it kind of breaks even.

There's a lot to love and a love to hate about summer!

It's Not Just Summertime...

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