Sugaring Paste Vs Sugar Wax

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Sugaring paste is a natural hair removal product that removes hair from the follicle. It's made up of natural ingredients. Sugar, water and lemon juice are the most basic formula. Sometimes you'll see salt, honey and/or essential oils. There are two types of natural sugaring products made with this basic formula: paste and gel.

Sugaring Paste

The paste's consistency is, just that, a paste like you see in the photo here. It's used at room temperature, and because of its consistency is simply uses the fingers or hands for the entire process-- no strips or applicators.

Sugaring paste isn't as readily available at drugstores, but used at salons and spas. Jenn Webdale of ALTERIS, in Scottsdale Arizona (now Jenn owns The Sugar Spa) uses the real sugaring paste method and explains for us further the differences. "The technique for sugaring involves molding a ball of sugar paste against the direction of hair growth and removing the hair in the direction of growth."

With it being removed in the direction of hair growth, there's less chance of hair breaking above or below the skin. With less force pulling on the skin, which is the main source of hair removal pain, it's known to be the least painful method that removes hair from the follicle.

Even those that have very sensitive skin seem to handle it well. Although any time you take out hair, you run the risk of some irritation, redness and sensitivity. And this also depends on the skill of the tech.

The paste also can uplift hair as short as 1/16th of an inch. Most other methods need at least double that amount of hair for it to be uplifted. So those that don't want deal with noticeable regrowth, really appreciate this plus point. 

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Sugaring Gel

The gel is a thinner consistency and needs to be heated up in the microwave or in a wax warmer. It's spread on the skin over the hair with an applicator in the direction of hair's growth and removed the opposite way with a cloth or muslin strip. There needs to be about 1/4 inch of growth for the gel to adhere to.

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What in the World is Sugar Wax?

However, if you have something called sugar wax, it could mean a resin mixed with some natural ingredients used for sugaring hair removal. In this case, you no longer have a true sugaring product. With the combined wax and sugar product, companies employ sly marketing tricks to make you think you have tried "sugaring" or gain the benefits, when you really have not.

Sugaring gel is very similar to soft wax- how it needs to be heated, the way it's applied, removed and the 1/4 inch of hair growth needed.  With sugaring being all natural and not sticking to the skin as much as waxing, it's said to be less painful in general than waxing. Although sugaring gel can still spur some of the same side effects as waxing-- like hair breakage, bruising, pimples, ingrown hair, redness and bumps.

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Sometimes a true sugaring product in the gel form is called sugar wax because they have these similarities. So know what's in the formula first.

A real sugaring product whether a paste or gel will be water soluble, meaning you can clean off the residue from your skin with just plain water. Water won't cut it for any product that contains resins, like wax does. You'll need an oil-based product to break down the resin in the wax for it to clean and remove all traces from the skin or other surfaces.

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