Stylish Men with Gray Hair

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Steve Martin

Photo © Stephen Lovekin | Getty Images.

Go Gray with Style

Just because you're going gray, doesn't mean you can't look youthful and stylish. Take a look at these very popular gray haired actors and see for yourself. Of course, we don't all look like George Clooney or Anderson Cooper, but these stars do show us that you can go gray and still look great.

I think Steve Martin has been gray for as long as I've been alive. I'm glad he's never tried to cover it up. Can you imagine a Steve with dark hair? Steve shows that well-maintained gray hair can look great.

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Eric Dane

Photo © Frazer Harrison | Getty Images.

Eric's not afraid to put a little gray in Grey's Anatomy. His great head of hair is always well cut and a trendy beard gives him some extra style.

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Ted Danson

Photo © Jason Kempin | Getty Images.

Cheers to Ted Danson for going gray with style. His gray hair certainly hasn't done any Damages to his career, either. Sorry. I couldn't resist. Ted's combining his gray hair with trendy glasses and a great wardrobe to maintain his edge. He almost always looks fantastic.

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George Clooney

Photo © Jason Merritt | Getty Images.

During his stint on ER, George Clooney set a new trend by bringing back the Caesar haircut. Today, he's doing it again by letting his gray hair shine. A great haircut, combined with a little facial scruff helps George stay trendy. Of course, his seemingly endless supply of gorgeous women helps, too.

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Jon Stewart

Photo © Jason Merritt | Getty Images.

Jon Stewart is one smart and funny guy and he's easing gracefully into middle age. The gray at the temples gives him a more mature look, but he maintains a youthful edge through a quick wit and fun personality.

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Harrison Ford

Photo © Junko Kimura | Getty Images.

There's no denying that Harrison Ford is a cool guy and I love that he's never tries to hide his gray hair. Maintaining a trendy haircut (and kicking butt in a blockbuster every few years) helps him maintain his edge.

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Richard Gere

Photo © Kevin Winter | Getty Images.

Richard Gere's been going gray since his Pretty Woman days and he's always looked great. His gray hair is always bright, well trimmed, and casually stylish.

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Anderson Cooper

Photo © Stephen Lovekin | Getty Images.

Anderson is a great example of how to look stylish with gray hair. A short, youthful haircut gives Anderson a trendy edge. The gray hair really makes his eyes stand out as well.