8 Star-Studded Style Icons of the '50s and '60s

Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?

The '50s and '60s were a time of style extremes. From leather-jacketed heartthrobs to pearl-adorned Hollywood sweethearts, here are some of the most iconically styled celebrities of the '50s and '60s.

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Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993)

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Audrey Hepburn had a simple, feminine style, that seemed effortless, yet elegant. Fashion staples from her timeless style still pop up today, even beyond vintage fashion. Here are five style lessons you can learn from this Hollywood sweetheart.

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Jackie Kennedy (1929-1994)

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Jackie Kennedy was the epitome of class with her pillbox hats and A-line dresses. In the White House, Jackie O was always dressed to the nines, with a pink Chanel suit as her most memorable outfit. Here's how you can dress like this fashionable First Lady.

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Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)

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While Jackie appeared the perfect wife to President John F. Kennedy, Marilyn was rumored to be his bombshell mistress. Her seductive blonde persona skyrocketed her to international sex symbol status. It's no wonder that more than 50 years after her death, Monroe is still idolized and mimicked... even by today's Hollywood starlets themselves.

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Brigitte Bardot (1934-)

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Marilyn Monroe may just have had a sex symbol rival in Brigitte Bardot. Similarly to Monroe, Bardot's style has been shamelessly copied by well-known celebrities. Luckily, her French sex-kitten style is attainable by all with these 14 tips.

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Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

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"As a leading Hollywood actress during the 1950s and 1960s, Elizabeth Taylor made her fashion mark with glamorous "Old Hollywood" style, glitzy jewelry, and flawless make-up." – Paula Darnell

Although Elizabeth Taylor may have been as famous for her many marriages as well as her acting ability, her superstardom was undeniable. And as for her jewelry collection? Unparalleled.

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James Dean (1931-1955)

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You know the classic white shirt, leather jacket, and jeans look? This is the guy that made it iconic. Dean created the rebellious brooding teen persona and his movie, Rebel Without a Cause, launched him to cult status. Sadly, the height of his superstardom occurred posthumously. 

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Marlon Brando (1924-2004)

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Some argue James Dean stole his signature style from Marlon Brando. Brando was a powerful and mesmerizing presence on the screen, with a masculine, muscle-bearing maverick look. If you wanted to copy this 1950s look, you had to wear jeans (even though they were still banned in many public schools at the time). 

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Grace Kelly (1929-1982)

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"Grace’s style was All-American and attainable. She mastered the art of looking chic in just a simple twinset, Capri pants and a string of pearls. Her attention to detail in her immaculate hair, makeup and styling, as well as her poised dancer’s posture, solidified her style icon status. Grace’s minimal, yet elegant style allowed her beauty and impeccable taste to shine through." – Jennifer Nicole Sullivan, Vintage Clothing Expert

Despite living a fairytale life, this film actress and Princess of Monaco had a sense of style everyone could only hope to achieve. Her wedding was a whole nother story, but it's still nice to dream.