20 Stuck Animals Who Could Use A Little Help, Please

How Did This Even Happen?

Via Catfoto.

Animals bring such joy to our lives; and not just pets like dogs and cats, either. Wild animals and farm dwellers are also an endless source of amusement and entertainment for us meme-loving internet people, and there's nothing funnier than when these majestic creatures find themselves in a bit of a pickle. The animals in this collection are in just such a predicament, and quite frankly, they're a bit stuck and could use a helping hand. How did they get in such a weird bind? Who knows! But for goodness sake, somebody please free them from their hilarious confines... but not before taking a picture!

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Very Doge. Much Stuck.

Via Twitter @Onodesu0223.

This cute little Shiba Inu was found stuck in a hedge about 10 feet off the ground. The picture was taken in Japan and uploaded to Twitter, where it quickly went viral. Just look at how happy this doggo is! He doesn't seem to care at all that he's stuck (and internet-famous).  

Never fear; the person who captured this moment went on to assure the Twittersphere that the dog "got away immediately."

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Egyptian Kitty Demands Sacrifice

Via reddit u/Hardin314.

Redditor Hardin314 uploaded this image with the caption, "My friend's cat got its head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this." 

Ummm, it's called fashion; look it up!

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This Kitty Is Totally Hosed

Via The Chive.

"Play with the sprinkler," they said. "It'll be fun," they said.

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This Heckin' Husky

Via The Chive.

How in the world did he even get up there? Hey, doggo! Doggos can't climb ladders! Silly doggo.

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These Pugs Have Had It Up To HERE

Via Sad and Useless.

Something tells us that the people who are going to help these pugs get free are the same ones who got them stuck in the first place.

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Well, This Is Awkward

Via reddit u/peach3s.

"No, I was absolutely NOT stealing your bird seed. Quite frankly I'm appalled at the accusation! How dare you?

Also, when you get a moment... would you mind letting me out of this contraption? That'd be great, thanks."

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Guilty? Moi?

Via YouTube/Nwptrn.

No matter what you may think, this dog was definitely not sneaking a snack from out of the garbage can. Nope; no sir. Not him. You must be mistaken. 

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Turtle OUT

Via Imgur u/bbyluv.

Again, how on earth did this guy get up there? We suspect he had a little human help,but what do we know. We're not scientists.

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So, Uh. This Happened

Via BlazePress.

The other dog is pretending not to know the stuck dog. Typical.

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You Didn't Want These Blinds Here Anyway, Right?

Via Imgur/CanThinkOfAName.

Look at his face -- he's not even sorry! Cats can be such jerks (but we love them anyway). 

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I Can Haz Regrets?

Via Imgur/CanThinkOfAName.

If I fits, I sits. And even if I can't fits, I still sits. 

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Hey Bruce, What's Up?

Via Winkgo.

Somewhere there is a very annoyed toddler who can't find his Cozy Coupe anywhere.

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No, I Was Not Sneaking Peanut Butter From The Jar

Via Wackyy.

Why do you ask? 

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Just Chillaxing On The Couch

Via BlazePress.

You wouldn't believe the delicious snacks you can find between the couch cushions! 

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Sofa Squishing....

Via Catfoto.

Now with 100% more cats! 

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What's Up? Hamster Butt!

Via reddit/DrywallRickshaw.

Redditor DrywallRickshaw captured this awkward moment when his hamster got stuck in his tube. Might be time to cut back on the, um... hamster pellets? (Or whatever it is that they eat. Don't make me google it.)

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Have A Seat

Via Sad and Useless.

"No thanks; I brought my own." 

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Owl Have What He's Having

Via YouTube/23 ABC News | KERO.

This adorable but yes - totally sinister-looking - owl got stuck inside the grill of someone's car. The woman thought she hit a bird but when she bent down to examine her car, she saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes staring back at her. Thanks for the nightmares, Mother Nature!

The good news is the owl wasn't injured and he was safely released. Watch him get rescued on YouTube.

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Goodbye Cruel World

Via reddit u/hypocritical_crane.

...And he was never heard from again.

Just kidding! He's fine. Redditor hypocritical_crane uploaded this photo along with the epic caption: Cat vs. Sofa: The Eternal Struggle.

Clearly, the struggle is real! Good luck getting free, you crazy animals. We're all rooting for you, even when you do something incredibly stupid and find yourself stuck yet again. We love you anyway.