Profile of Former General Hospital Star Stuart Damon

Damon played Dr. Alan Quartermaine for three decades

Portrait of Stuart Damon

 jfer21/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Actor Stuart Damon played General Hospital character Alan Quartermaine for more than 30 years. Alan was a central part of the show, both in his status as a member of the Quartermaine clan and in his roles as a physician and eventual chief of staff at the titular hospital. 

Damon was nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards. He finally took home the prize for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 1999, for his performance of Alan's struggle with an addiction to painkillers.

After years of intrigue, plot twists, illegitimate children, affairs, fights with wife Monica and father Edward, Alan Quartermaine was written off of General Hospital in 2007. His final appearance (at least as a flesh-and-blood character) was on Damon's 70th birthday.

But Damon had a lengthy stage and television career before he ever set foot in the fictional town of Port Charles.

Acting Career

Stuart Damon was born Stuart Michael Zonis on Feb. 5, 1937, in New York City. He married Deirdre Ann Ottewill in 1961, and the couple has two children.

Before his prime time TV and soap opera days, Damon appeared on Broadway in the hit shows Do I Hear a Waltz, Irma La Douce, First Impressions (the musical version of Pride and Prejudice), and a musical revue, A to Z.

However, it was the 1965 television version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella that brought the young actor-singer to national attention. He played the prince opposite Lesley Ann Warren's Cinderella in a star-studded cast that featured other famous names, including Ginger Rogers, Walter Pidgeon, Celeste Holm, and Jo Van Fleet.

Damon then moved to England, where he starred in the TV series The Champions, made guest appearances on other shows, and did two stage shows, Man of Magic, in which he played Harry Houdini and Charlie Girl.

When he returned to the United States in 1977, Damon began his long run on General Hospital.

Departure From General Hospital

Damon’s departure from General Hospital was the source of much speculation and outrage from longtime fans. The prevailing rumor was that Damon had been fired from the show. Protests from fans and Damon’s colleagues were so loud that Alan's ghost was brought back to bother his sister Tracy, and he paid a loving Christmas visit to wife Monica in 2008.

Despite the unpleasant circumstances that apparently surrounded his departure, Alan/Damon returned for a few additional cameo appearances as a ghost, including in 2011, when he appeared to Monica, in 2012 when his son AJ came back from the dead and in 2013 when the show marked its 50th anniversary.

After General Hospital

After Alan’s dramatic death of a heart attack during a siege at the Metro Court, Damon continued in soaps and film. He appeared as Ralph Manzo on As the World Turns in 2009 and then moved on to Days of Our Lives, where he played Governor Jim Ford for several episodes in early 2010.

He appeared in a 2013 horror film called Rain from Stars.