10 Very Real Struggles That Only Grammar Nerds Know

***Disclaimer: These are not the views of this website, just one lone grammar nerd looking for other grammar nerds out there with the same frustrations.

Dealing with people who do not know how to properly use the English language can be absolute agony for a grammar nerd. Here are 10 very real struggles that only grammar nerds know.

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Reason One Why Being a Grammar Nerd Is Tough...

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They use the wrong word, but we're the ones who come off as jerks if we correct them. We're just helping them not sound like an idiot...

"Jamie and I are going to the mall."
"That crazy thing happened to Bob and me."

Yes, really. The correct usage is NOT "Bob and I."

Use it how you would if you took the other person out. Don't be scared of me... I don't bite.

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To Whom?

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Knock knock.
Who's there?
To who?
No, to whom.

Even grammar nerds get confused by this sometimes. It's when you try to sound all fancy by using "whom" when it's obviously wrong that we get frustrated. One letter can make a big difference.

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I Did Good. I'm Not Feeling So Good. Apparently, It's ALL Good.

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If you use good we will not ask you how you're feeling anymore. It's as simple as that.

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Who Has Time for Repetitive Redundancy?

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"It's absolutely essential you get that to me by the end of the day."
"We need advance reservations for that restaurant."
"Let's meet at twelve noon to discuss what the end result should be."

Cut it out! Grammar nerds are busy people. We have other things to get to. No time to waste on redundancies (unless it's to prove a sarcastic point and then we're alright with it). K, thanks.

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Um, You Know, Like OK

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You know how we just said grammar nerds don't have time for redundancies? We definitely don't have time for filler words. We're sensitive to the fact you might be a bit nervous talking to us, since we're incredibly smart, so just take a breath. We're cool with that.

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I Ain't No Idiot

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Using double negatives definitely makes you look like one. It just takes us way too long to explain why you're making no sense. At all.

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Its You're Turn

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These words are not the same!

This is the point where grammar nerds start to use expletives.

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Nevermind, Irregardless We'll Still Be Okay

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Irregardless is not a word, and neither is nevermind or okay. OK? For sanity's sake, just use the words the English language gave us. Do you want us to run for the hills with dictionaries as our only companions? Maybe by this point you do.

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Quite Simply, No

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Nothing drives grammar nerds crazier than when you think you've caught us using grammar incorrectly. Yes, we ended a sentence with a preposition, and no, it is not incorrect. That's right, you've fallen victim to an age-old superstition. We know. Mind blown.

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That Is LITERALLY the Worst!

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You know it's bad when the dictionary has to change the definition of a word because it's misused so often. Misusing "literally" is literally the worst. And yes we mean to use its proper definition here. Use literally incorrectly and a grammar nerd's skin will crawl. It really is the absolute worst.