Street Style - 10 Stylish Outfits in Denim Overalls

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Chic Casual Style in Denim Overalls

Street style fashion photo denim overalls
Denim overalls are a street style trend. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

You'll see denim overalls all over fashion blogs and street style social feeds now, as a major dressing trend for women. Get inspired to style your denim overalls to look up to date and fresh, with these street style photos of stylish women wearing overalls in fashion cities around the world, including New York, Paris and London.

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Casual Date Look - Overalls and Off the Shoulder Blouse

Street style photo denim overalls
Wear overalls on a date paired with an off the sholder blouse. Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Create an easy, breezy look for casual summer dates and meet-ups, when you pair easy to wear, vintage-style overalls (those pictured are from the Current/Elliott denim brand) with a flirty, feminine off the shoulder blouse. Add a clutch purse, a fashionable pair of sunglasses and your favorite jewelry pieces to dress up this denim wardrobe basic. Finish your perfect date outfit with easy slides or high heel sandals.

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City Look - Slouchy White Overalls

Street style outfit in white denim overalls
Slouchy white overalls and chic accessories make a great casual city look for summer. Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

For many of us, casual weekend days in the city are all about fashion that feels effortless. Here, slouchy, boyfriend-style white denim overalls *these are from the American Apparel brand) are paired with an olive-green tee and dressed up with black leather accessories, including classic leather sneakers, for a simple, stylish summer look. Wear your overall bib folded over, as pictured here, to show off your waist (and get some instant air conditioning on hot summer days). 

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How to Dress Up Overalls - Carry a Designer Bag

Street style fashion Levi's overalls and Chanel purse
Levi's overalls and Chanel purse outfit. Timur Emek/Getty Images

Want to instantly dress up an easy summer outfit of short overalls and a basic white t-shirt? You'll look instantly expensive -- and inspire major logo-envy -- when you add a beautiful designer bag. As pictured here, a Chanel purse and pretty headscarf are enough to elevate an outfit in short overalls (these are by Levi's), so you look ready for brunch, shopping with friends or even a summer date.

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Cocktails Outfit - Black Denim Overalls

Black overalls street style fashion
Black overalls and strappy sandals look chic for summer cocktails. Georgie Hunter/Getty Images

Here's how you can wear an overalls outfit for the cocktail hour and look stylish, not sloppy. Pair slim-fitting black denim overalls, such as this stylish pair by the Madewell clothing brand, with a matching black t-shirt. Roll the pants cuffs to show off your legs at their slimmest point. Then add glamour to your already-chic outfit with over-sized black sunglasses and strappy, black high heel sandals (those pictured are from Zara). 

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Going Out Look - Add Pattern to Your Overalls Outfit

Street style photo denim overalls
Add pattern to your outfit in denim overalls. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Want to look trendy in overalls, when you're going out with friends for a bite or cocktails? You can easily dress up basic denim overalls to create a fashionable and fun outfit, by mixing in fun accessories. Here, a cute clutch purse, big metallic jewelry and notice-me shoes bring pattern and color into this inexpensive outfit, creating a stylish head-to-toe look that can be worn to all your casual summer events, from concerts and festivals, to backyard barbecues and pool parties. Overalls by Old Navy and accessories by H&M.

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City Outfit - Add Edge to Overalls With Serious Accessories

Street style photo overalls and designer shoes and bag
Match short overalls with designer accessories for city chic. Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Dressing to look fashionable in the big city often means adding edge to your outfits, so you look tough -- not sweet. Here's how you can look appropriately modern for the city this summer, by pairing faded black, short overalls, such as these by fashion retailer Topshop, with high-quality accessories that have a more serious, menswear vibe. The Celine satchel and Balenciaga shoes here will set you back a pretty penny -- but it's easy to find look-a-like accessories that achieve the same fashion result.

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Fresh Casual Look - Overalls and a White Tee

Street style photo denim overalls
Fresh all-American style in denim overalls. Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Sometimes, the simplest looks really are the best for casual days and easy weekends. You can style a fresh, all-American look in denim overalls when you wear them with a fitted t-shirt and white sneakers. Add a biker-style leather jacket for city sightseeing -- whether you're travelling or going for jaunts around your home city. A great pair of sunglasses is another easy upgrade for this look.

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Casual Friday Outfit - Overalls and Button-Down

Short denim overalls and button-down shirt street style
Short denim overalls and button-down shirt. Christian Vierig/Getty Images

If you work in a creative field where you can dress down on casual Fridays (or other days), try swapping your mini-dress or skirt outfit for this unexpectedly stylish look in denim. Short denim overalls with a pinstripe pattern look ready to wear for a brainstorming session, when layered over a crisp, button-down shirt. When you go this casual for work, no matter what your office vibe is like, make sure your accessories mean business. A beautiful leather bag, designer sunglasses and high-quality shoes are key to pulling off this confident outfit for work.

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Casual Day Look - Animal Print Top and Overalls

Street style photo denim overalls chanel purse
Wear your casual overalls with an animal print top. Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Travelling soon and need an easy outfit for sightseeing, when you expect to be walking for hours? Keep things simple in an easy to wear outfit of baggy denim overalls -- this trendy, distressed style is by the Primark brand -- and a stylish, animal print top. Add comfortable sneakers and you're all set for seeing the sights. To glam up your look -- and blend in when you're visiting a fashion capital, such as London or Paris-- you can always add an expensive designer handbag, such as the blue Chanel purse pictured here.

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Effortless Style - Chambray Overalls

Street style photo denim overalls and Puma Fenty by Rihanna trainers
Chambray overalls and Puma Fenty by Rihanna trainers. Vanni Bassetti

When you want to feel easy and breezy for summertime, a pair of loose-fitting, chambray overalls is a great choice for getting dressed. Layer a body-skimming soft overall, such as this option from Zara, over a comfortable t-shirt in any color. Wear with your favorite sneakers (these are the PUMA Fenty by Rihanna trainers), to stay comfortable for days when you'll be out and about.