Stores for Tween Girls Who Like to Shop

Where tween girls shop for clothing

Teens walking with shopping bags
Tween girls know exactly which stores they want to visit, and several stores cater to tween shoppers. Photo: Jose Bernate,

If there's one thing you can say with any certainty about tween girls, it's that they want to express themselves and make some of their own decisions. It can feel hard to stay close to them. Gone are the days when you could shop for your child's clothing or fashion accessories. Today's tweens want to choose their own clothes, and they have a fairly developed sense of style.

Tweens today are eager to show the world that they have their own taste in music, clothing, and even in accessories. And today's tweens know just where to find all that they're looking for. There are numerous stores that cater to tween and teen girls, and even some big box retailers that attract their attention. If you have a tween girl, or if you're shopping for one, you're likely to visit one of the stores below at some point in your shopping journey.

Stores for Girls - Where Today's Tweens Shop

  • Justice ( If a girl wants it, Justice probably has it. This store caters to tween girls, and offers hard to find slim and half sizes. Justice is right on top of tween trends and offers a large selection of school clothes, dresses, underwear, pajamas, seasonal wear, as well as locker and room accessories. Frequent sales and 40 percent discounts make Justice affordable, and the store's magazine frequently offers coupons as well as items not found in stores. Take advantage of store clear outs for great birthday gifts for your daughter's friends, or stock up on stocking stuffers for the next holiday season.
  • Delias ( Delias is a popular store for t-shirts, dresses and most of all jeans. Delias is an online store that offers numerous jean options for different body types making it a good choice for girls who have trouble finding jeans elsewhere. Frequent sales and discount codes can bring down your total cost considerably. Delias is popular with tweens, teens and even college girls.
  • Aeropostale ( Aeropostale offers clothing for girls and boys, and was originally intended for the teen market. Tweens soon made the store their own, and if you walk the hallways of any middle school you're bound to notice Aeropostale logos everywhere. Smaller tweens may not fit into their jeans, but will still find plenty of options in t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, underwear and bathing suits.
  • Plato's Closet ( Plato's Closet is a chain of consignment stores featuring gently used fashion of today. The store sells t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, dresses, purses, books, and shoes at a discounted price. Tweens and teens may sell their items to the store, in exchange for cash or a store credit. While there are some deals to be had at Plato's Closet, it should be noted that some of their prices are in line with typical sale prices at other clothing stores. In other words, shop carefully and compare prices.
  • Big Box Retailers: Big box retailers like Target, Wal-Mart and K-Mart offer a variety of clothes for tween girls and at reasonable prices, which makes them attractive options for families with a strict clothing budget. Target is especially popular with the preteen and teen crowd and has done a particularly good job of staying on top of current fashion trends. While tweens may not want their entire wardrobe to come from a big box retailer, stock fashion must-haves such as t-shirts, shorts and lingerie often come from stores like these. The big box retailer is also a popular place to find backpacks, handbags, hair supplies and beauty supplies.
  • Your Local Thrift Store: Believe it or not, your local thrift store may offer your tween great fashion at very reasonable prices. Tweens love to search through the racks to see if they can discover a great find. Many items are gently used, but some may even come with their original price tag attached to them. Give your tween a budget and then see how far she can make it go.