Steve Dool

Hi! Welcome to the Men's Fashion page. The men's fashion industry has been gaining so much steam in the last few years, with more outlets offering greater exposure for young designers, more attention paid by established brands to the men's market, and more outlets dedicated to men's style than ever before. Fashion can be a crazy thing, but it can also be a lot of fun. I hope you'll find's Men's Fashion coverage to be useful, informative and entertaining.


My experience in the fashion industry dates back to 2009, but I had been following it from the outside for long before that. I've covered men's fashion and style for outlets like T: The New York Times Style Magazine,,, Four Pins, Essential Homme and more. For five years, I headed up the PR department at BPMW, a New York-based fashion consultacy that specializes in independent designers. There, I worked with clients as diverse as Mark McNairy, Wolverine and General Idea. I've produced all of Mark McNairy's runway shows during New York Fashion Week for the last three years and am currently a consultant for Capsule, the leading men's and women's fashion and lifestyle trade event in New York, Paris, Berlin and Las Vegas.

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