5 Steps To Achieving Perfect Foundation Every Day

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No Harsh Lines

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One of the worst foundation mistakes you can make is choosing the wrong color, causing the jawline and neck to be two totally different colors. When you have the right shade, there's no visible lines anywhere and everything is blended. To achieve this, ask the help of a makeup artist to help you find the right shade, or do a three shade line test on your face to see which one blends in perfectly. Be sure to wear a tinted primer underneath foundation to even out your skin tone, if you happen to have any redness or uneven skin patches. Have visible pores? Apply this pore shrinking primer before foundation to ensure a seriously smooth finish. Really lazy? Check out this moisturizer and primer combo from Embryolisse for a one-stop product shop.

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Blend it Where it Counts

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A common misconception is that foundation needs to be blended all over the face. When wearing makeup, it's actually not necessary to put it everywhere, only on areas that count and need a little evening out. Foundation should never feel mask-like or heavy, and this is one popular reason why people are hesitant to try it in the first place. You should always love how your skin feels, so be sure to load up on a great moisturizer and serum before applying any makeup to your skin. Don't like a full coverage formula? Swap it out for a more sheer texture like a tinted moisturizer instead. 

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There She Glows

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To achieve a dewy glow and hydrated looking skin, there are a few easy steps you can take. First of all, start with a sheet mask like Miss Spa a few times a week to load your skin up on anti-oxidants and hydrating ingredients. You can also apply a liquid highlighter all over the skin before foundation, to give yourself your own illuminating base. A sheer liquid works best for this tip, and can lightly be applied with a foundation brush. You can always go back with the same liquid highlighter and dab it on the cheekbones if you feel you want to add any more highlight. Want a dewy glow all over your body? Apply this luxurious body oil from L'Occitane for a moisturizing treatment that lasts all day (and smells heavenly!)

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Makeup Artist Tip: Feel like your skin's elasticity is slowly decreasing? Add HUM Collagen Love into your daily beauty routine to help firm up the skin from the inside out, and restore collagen in places you've noticed it's decreased. 

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Orange Undertones Brighten Dark Skin

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When looking for the right foundation color for darker skin tones, a little orange will brighten your complexion immediately and create a healthy looking warmth. This is a great trick to know when testing different colors, as it's very obvious to see which foundations contain more red than orange, and so forth. Since not everyone has the exact same skin tone, keep testing a few shades until you get the right one, as eye-balling it in the bottle isn't always the closest match. Apply a pop of orange cream blush on the cheeks for a natural looking skin complexion brightening trick. 

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Fix a Heavy Application

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Applied too much foundation? Don't worry. There are ways you can blend foundation down so that it doesn't look so heavy on the skin, and the easiest way is to take a Beauty Blender Sponge, wet it, squeeze the excess water out, and then blend down your foundation to sheer and thin it out. This is a great trick for people who have a heavier hand when it comes to applying makeup. Be sure to clean your sponge after each use so that nothing builds up and spreads germs or excess oil back into your pores.