7 Steps to a Great Sex Life

Great sex can make a marriage sing. Sex, although only one component of marriage, is an important way for most couples to express their love. Great sex also happens to be a stress reliever and a way for married people to feel connected to one another. But great sex doesn’t happen overnight. Even though sex is usually fun for couples, it takes communication, effort, and, yes, practice to achieve great sex. Here, the steps to a great sex life:
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Get confident.

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Developing your own self-esteem, a certain level of contentment with your naked body, and a feeling of satisfaction with who you are as a person will help you gain confidence in life and the bedroom. The more confident you are, the better you’ll perform and the better you’ll feel about sex. After all, if you don’t love yourself, you can’t truly love anyone else.
Great sex isn’t only about what you do in the bedroom. Most people need their lover to make them feel loved and appreciated. You have to show one another that there is something more to your relationship than sex. Romantic gestures, even corny candlelight dinners or unexpected red roses, can do the trick. More »

If you never see each other, you will never have sex. Just because you’re married does not mean you can forego date nights. Schedule dates and continue to court each other. A date night is a great build up to great sex. By the time you get home from a fun night on the town, you won’t be able to resist ripping off each other’s clothes. More »

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Read your spouse’s signals.

Your wife might give you the green light for sex by asking you to watch TV with her before bed. Your husband might let you know he’s in the mood for sex by asking if you’re still awake. Knowing how to read your spouse’s signals is something you learn over time, but it’s an important part of the communication the two of you must have about sex.
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Focus on foreplay.

Most women need lots of foreplay to help them get excited (not to mention lubricated) for great sex. Yet, many couples spend little time on foreplay because there is never enough time in the day. Spending more time on foreplay – from kissing to oral sex – will help you build anticipation, which is sure to make the sex better.

Married sex is not a death sentence; in fact, it can be better than the sex you had early in your relationship. Sure, when you and your spouse first had sex, everything felt new and exhilarating. That’s fine and well. The more you get to know what your spouse likes and doesn’t like, the better the sex will be. The more comfortable you grow to be, the more you’ll be willing to experiment with sex positions or role playing or whatever it is that turns you on. More »

The best part about sex is that it can keep getting better and better. If you’re willing to put in the effort to practice, practice, practice, your sex life will improve. More »