10 State Nicknames That Are Absolute Lies

What were they thinking?

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Florida: The Sunshine State

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Sure it's the sunshine state... when it's not hurricaning. For a state that has a hurricane season lasting almost half the year, and in general gets a pretty decent amount of rain (some areas get up to 100 inches per year!), this nickname is a little misleading. Even the University of Miami sports teams know what the state is really about.

STATE RENAME: The Hurricane State

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New Jersey: The Garden State

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If you're like most people, who pretty much only drive through Jersey's highways, you probably crack up when hearing it's known as the "Garden State." Looking at (and smelling) those smoke stacks doesn't exactly make you think of flowers blooming. And if anything, it should be called the "Mall State." There are so many of them! Or even the "Beach State," since it's basically know for the Jersey shore. But "Garden State?" Naaa.

STATE RENAME: The Mall State

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Alaska: The Last Frontier

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Alaska was the Last Frontier... until the US acquired Hawaii. Whoops. Anyways, that's the least cool thing about it! Alaska has volcanic islands, totem poles, and GLACIERS! How many states can claim they have that? Okay, a few, but Alaska has some amazing ways to see them.

STATE RENAME: The Glacier State

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Utah: The Beehive State

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Whoever heard of bees being a common Utah species?! Utah is 24th in the nation in terms of honey production! Now, we know the beehive actually symbolizes their pioneer virtues from way back when, but even that is pretty outdated. Why not highlight what Utah is actually known for – its ski resorts and national parks? The "Ski State" sounds so much cooler. Take that, Colorado!


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West Virginia: The Mountain State

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You know how many of the tallest mountains in the US West Virginia has? None. Alaska has most of them, and then a bunch of other states have some sprinkled in there, but not West Virginia. It does, however, have some pretty cool rocks – Seneca Rocks to be exact. With amazing trails, scenic views, and more, this must-see destination is definitely a better sum of what West Virginia has to offer.

STATE RENAME: The Seneca State

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Rhode Island: The Ocean State

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OK, so part of the state borders the ocean, but it's so ridiculously tiny (unlike the ocean) that pretty much every other state that borders the ocean is more of an ocean state than Rhode Island. Rhode Island is however known for its founding in principles of freedom and independence, which is a pretty noble thing that a state should be proud of. So instead of having a laughable name, it really should go with something that makes it grand based on its ideas.

STATE RENAME: The Independence State

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Idaho: The Gem State

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Shouldn't it be called the Potato State? It has an entire type of potato named after it! You think of Idaho, you think of potatoes. Need we say more?

STATE RENAME: The Spud State

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Connecticut: The Constitution State

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OK, so Delaware is called "The First State" because it was the first state to ratify the constitution, which seems fair. But then Connecticut shouldn't be called "The Constitution State." It does have a strong maritime tradition, however, due to the Connecticut River, Thames River, and ports along the Long Island Sound. It's also home to one of the most prestigious schools in the US, Yale University. Nicknaming an entire state after one university seems a bit obnoxious though, so we'll stick to its more maritime nature.

STATE RENAME: The Maritime State

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Minnesota: The North Star State

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Once again, another state is confused. Minnesota is the "North Star State," but it's not at all the most northernmost state (i.e. NOT the closest to the North Star). That would be Alaska. Way the heck up there. Really. Look at a map that shows its true location. Minnesota is also known as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," since it has more than 11,000 of them. Now we know Michigan is the "Great Lakes State," but it doesn't mean it has as many of them.

STATE RENAME: The Land of Lakes State

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Wisconsin: The Badger State

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Similar to Utah, the state nickname has nothing to do with the animal itself. "This came to be because the early miners dug their homes on hills or even lived in mine shafts, the way badgers do." Badgers are actually more commonly found... pretty much everywhere other than Wisconsin. However, what does come from Wisconsin is the Barbie. 

STATE RENAME: The Barbie State

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