Starpil Stripless Hard Wax- Natural

Blue wax on a stick
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I am a believer of Starpil Wax, a European wax from Spain. If their other waxes remove hair this easily and without much pain, I may be converted to a new brand.

  • Manufacturer: Starpil
  • Usage: Hard hair removal wax
  • Options: Green, Blue, Natural, Rose Petal, Chocolate, Mauve and Seaweed


  • Nice scent
  • Doesn't break or crack
  • Removes really short hair


  • Only available online


When Starpil Natural wax arrived at my door I was intrigued. Imagine small blocks about 2 inches by 2 inches square of hard wax in a bag. There was no bowl of hard wax to open.

Their wax cans only fit in their warmer so I also received the empty tin to place the wax in that fits standard warmers. I was skeptical because if I was going to purchase this to use in my business, I surely wouldn’t want to have to buy new warmers.

I tried it and it worked in both my Satin Smooth Double Wax Warmer and Amber Supreme Wax Heater. It was a bit smaller than the tank, but no reason to buy another warmer at this point. I simply placed the Starpil wax blocks in the tin and let it do its thing. It melted into a beautiful honey-colored wax, and the scent was very nice.

Can It Handle a Brazilian?

This is a hard wax meaning that it doesn’t need any strips to be removed. I really went for it with this wax and immediately completed a full Brazilian and leg waxing and absolutely loved it.

The wax was easy to apply with the usual waxing sticks. It went on like garlic butter on a hot loaf of French bread. I allowed it to cool for a bit and I lifted and removed every hair. Hard wax sometimes cracks or breaks when it’s removed, but not this wax. It did what it was supposed to without any problems.

The Next Challenge: Short Hair

Most waxes will remove hair as long as it’s ¼” long. I was curious to see if Starpil's claims of uplifting 1mm length of hair were true. It removed even the shortest hair without a problem. I was impressed yet again.

I was able to do two Brazilians, two full leg waxes, several eyebrows and a couple of upper lips. And I still had plenty of wax left.

The Pain Factor

There was very little pain, if any, at all. I would love to say this treatment was pain-free because the therapist was amazing, well trained, and just down-right awesome but I would be amiss if I did not give some credit to the Starpil Natural Wax I was using.

Seriously, this was one of the best if not the best wax I have ever used. There was virtually no pain other than the slight discomfort. It was as if the wax was the pied piper of hair and the hair was just about jumping out of its warm follicle. Let's just say the hair was not holding on for dear life which allowed this to be painless.

A fresh honey scent (clean, but not overpowering) was what I was left with. It brought me back to the reason I love being in the Esthetician’s room. It definitely left me wanting to try the other waxes in the Starpil family, especially the Chocolate wax.

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