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What Carrie Fisher Wore Under that Princess Leia Costume

Did Carrie Fisher go without a bra in Star Wars?
Sunset Boulevard / Contributor

Carrie Fisher, who passed away on Tuesday December 27th, 2016, was a very human (complicated and contradictory, flawed and perfect) person. Best known as an actress, she was also an outspoken mental health advocate and known feminist. Her legacy goes far beyond her starring role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. And yet, it seems she wants to be memorialized with this phrase: "I tell my younger friends that no matter how I go, I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra."

The odd request is consistent with Fisher's signature sarcasm and lightheartedness - even about her own death. The story, behind this obituary request, according to Vanity Fair magazine, comes from a behind the scenes moment during the filming of the Star Wars movies. It's reported that George Lucas, the Star Wars creator and director, explained to Carrie Fisher that she could not wear a bra or underwear under the Princess Leia white gown costume. His reason was "there is no underwear in space". Later, he provided the theory that in space there is zero or less gravity, which causes the body to expand, but not the bra. In essence, she would be "strangled" by her bra. 

Fisher has some fun with the costume request, even though it was inconsistent with several other clothing choices on set, like the well known golden bikini, which Fisher said was uncomfortable and enslaving to wear. Uncomfortable, ill fitting bras that feel like they are strangling you are horrible to wear - in space or on Earth. I suggest wearing comfortable, well fitting, beautiful lingerie. Everyday. To avoid getting strangled by your bra, measure yourself for your bra size and double check that your bra fits

Whether she wore underwear under that white gown or not, I'm going to honor her the best way I know how: with lingerie. Thank you, Carrie Fisher, for your bravery and your legacy. 

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Hipster Lightsaber Underwear

Star wars underwear from Target

This Women's Disney Star Wars Hipster from Target is fun for just $5.99! Featuring Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Darth Vadar who are all ready to help you take on the galaxy - and your day. 

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Bot Bra and Panty Set

BB-8 sports bra and boyshort
Think Geek

BB-8, who appeared in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie may not have shared screen time with Carrie Fisher, but she may have liked the soft, stretchy, and comfortable BB-8 Seamless Sports Bra ($19.99) and BB-8 Seamless Boyshorts ($9.99). No strangling bras, here! Also available in an R2D2 style. 

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R2-PJ Set

R2-D2 Pajama set from Spencer's

Stay cozy and comfortable in this R2D2 Tank Top Pajama Set from Spencer's ($24.99). Sleeping in a matching tank top and panty is an easy, breezy way to show your affection for Star Wars. Plus, pop on a pair of jeans and you can step outside without having to change! 

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The Dark Side Nipple Covers

Storm Trooper Nipple Covers
JR Pasties Love

According to this article on Star Wars costumes fun facts, Carrie Fisher's nipples were concealed with gaffer's tape (a kind of tape used for lighting and set production) to avoid having them show through her white costume. If you want to cover up or decorate your nipples, you can easily do so without gaffer's tape. Try nipple covers or pasties specifically designed to do the job. For some Star Wars fun, choose from Storm Troopers or Darth Vadar when you order these fun Star Wars Nipple Cover Pasties on Etsy ($35.00)

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Princess Leia White Gown

Fleur't gown

Channel your inner Princess Leia in a white or ivory, long gown like this Forever & Always Lace T-Back Gown from Fleur't. Without the sleeves and mock turtleneck of the iconic Star Wars style, it's easy to wear around the house or in bed. Like Carrie, it's optional to wear a bra underneath this nightgown. The built-in bralette support is both beautiful and functional, and the soft material is a dream to wear. Plus, the t-back is just as daring as Carrie Fisher herself. Cinnamon bun style hair is optional.

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Latex Lingerie

Latex Boba Fett Underwear
Straight Laced Latex

Latex lingerie has grown in popularity in the intimates industry. It's a common choice for model Coco Austin, and a big hit among the adult film industry crowd, and cosplay fans. This Latex Boba Fett inspired Lingerie Set ($119.59) comes in various sizes, and is a fun, fetish option for those who love Star Wars.

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5 Panty Pack

Hot Topic Star Wars Underwear pack
Hot Topic

Why buy one pair of underwear when you can buy a whole set? This Star Wars Cosplay Panty Set from Hot Topic ($24.90) comes with five different Star Wars panties. Depending on your mood, you can dress up as R2-D2, C3-PO, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and (of course!) Princess Leia underneath your clothes. 

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Princess Leia Slave Costume

Princess Leia Slave Costume

You can always go with a fun costume, inspired by the infamous Princess Leia "slave" outfit (or the white gown). Made of a slightly more comfortable material than that on set, it's still something to keep for a special occasion, a party, or for an intimate time in the bedroom - not usually for everyday.

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Don't be a slave to your bra

Carrie Fisher at the Star Wars red carpet
HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 14: Actress Carrie Fisher arrives at the premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' and Lucasfilm's 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' at the Dolby Theatre, TCL Chinese Theatre and El Capitan Theatre on December 14, 2015 in Hollywood, California. Steve Granitz/WireImage

Whether Carrie Fisher went without a bra under her Star Wars costume or not, it's up to you if you wear a bra or not. Darth Vader isn't going to come to your house and force you to put on or take off a bra. If you find it more comfortable, or you love the way it looks to go without a bra, go for it! On the other hand, if you want to wear one and are avoiding a bra due to discomfort, I have some tips.

The best way to make sure you're not strangled by your bra is to make sure you are wearing the right size. Take your measurements to find your bra size starting point. Keep in mind, it is possible that more than one bra size can fit, so make sure you know how to tell if your bra fits in the first place. Then, find the bra style that works best for you. Whether you shop online for bras or shop in person, it can take some trial and error before finding a great bra that fits well and feels great. But when you do, the feeling is out of this world!

Want to honor Carrie Fisher beyond just underwear? In the words of the popular Tweets going out, here's how: 

  • Normalize mental illness and its treatment
  • Take life a little less seriously
  • Destroy a fascist regime

Advice for Carrie Fisher and Star Wars fans, and humans beings everywhere: have fun with your underwear and wear it for you.