Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats for Xbox 360

Unlock all weapons, costumes, and more secrets

Highly regarded as one of the best Star Wars games, The Force Unleashed has cheat codes that unlock all weapons, costumes, and more secrets to help you tip the balance of galactic power in your favor. Here's how to use them on Xbox 360.

These Star Wars: The Force Unleashed cheats are for the Xbox 360 version. There are also cheats for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on PS3.

Person playing Force Unleashed with cheats
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Star Wars Force Unleashed Cheat Codes

Before you can use cheat codes, you must finish the first mission and unlock the Rogue Shadow. While on your ship, pause the game and go to the Extras menu, then select Enter Code to input the desired cheat. You can also enter cheats from the pause menu during missions.

Activating these cheats will prevent you from saving the game, so save your progress before using cheat codes.

Cheat Code Effect
ADEGAN Maximum Lightsaber Throw
KATARN All Force Powers at Maximum
EXARKUN Maximum Force Push
DATHOMIR Maximum Force Repel
LIGHTSABER Amplified Lightsaber Damage
HURRIKANE Unlock All Lightsaber Crystals (will remove all lightsaber Holocrons on the current saved game file)
OSSUS Unlock All Databank Entries
JOCASTA Unlock All Talents
MOLDYCROW  Unlock All Combos
BRUTALSTAB Unlock Lightsaber Impale
DARAGON Unlock Sith Saber Slash
EETHKOTH Unlock Aerial Assault
KITFISTO Unlock Saber Sling
LUMIYA Unlock Sith Saber Flurry
MASSASSI Unlock Lightning Bomb
PLOKOON Unlock Saber Slam
RAGNOS Unlock Lightning Grenade
SAZEN  Unlock Sith Saber Throw
VENTRESS Unlock Aerial Ambush
YADDLE Unlock Aerial Blast
MINDTRICK Unlock Mirrored Levels

How to Continue With Cheats Enabled

Activating some cheats will prevent you from saving the game, which means that you must reenter them after you die, but there is a way around this limitation. If you enable cheats in a level that has automatic save points, let yourself die after reaching the save point and exit to the main menu. Select Continue to return to the game with cheats activated.

If you die after a save point, you'll keep the Force points you've collected so far, so let yourself die and keep defeating enemies to rack up points.

Star Wars Force Unleashed Costume and Character Codes

When you use a code to unlock costumes or characters normally found in a Holocron, you can save your game to keep the costume; however, the Holocron will disappear, which means you'll lose out on Force points.

Cheat Code Effect
SOHNDANN Unlock All Costumes
VICEROY Unlock Bail Organa
MASTERMIND Unlock Emperor Palpatine
MARAJADE Unlock Mara Jade Skywalker
AAYLA Unlock Aayla Secura
SECURA Unlock Aayla Secura (green skin)
MAVERICK Unlock Qui-Gon Jinn
ITSATWAP Unlock Admiral Akbar
SCOUNDREL Unlock Lando Calrissian
MANDALORE Unlock General Rahm Kota
HARDBOILED Unlock General Rahm Kota (drunken)
HOLOCRON Unlock Jedi Adventure Robe
DANTOOINE Unlock Jedi Ceremonial Robe
WOOKIEE Unlock Master Kento Robe
PROTOTYPE Unlock Proxy
FERRAL Unlock Scout Stormtrooper
BLACKHOLE Unlock Shadow Stormtrooper
KORRIBAN Unlock Sith Stalker Armor
TK421WHITE Unlock Stormtrooper
TK421BLUE Unlock Stormtrooper Commander
TK421GREEN Unlock Kashyyyk Trooper
PHOENIX Unlock Incinerator Trooper
SNOWMAN Unlock Snow Trooper

Star Wars Force Unleashed Unlockables

In addition to cheats, Force Unleashed also has a few unlockables.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Sith Lord Difficulty Beat the game with any ending.
Jedi Ceremonial Robe Beat the game with the Jedi ending.
Sith Stalker Armor Beat the game with the Sith ending.