'Star Wars Rebels' Episode Guide

An always up-to-date guide to every episode of Star Wars Rebels

Approximately fourteen years after the dawn of the Empire and five years prior to the events of A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels is a 100% in-canon animated series that tells of one of the earliest Rebel cells fighting the Empire.

Don't call it a sequel to fellow animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, even though it boasts many of the same creatives. But do expect to occasionally see surviving Clone Wars characters show up on Rebels.

The adventures of Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Sabine, and Zeb perfectly capture the feel of the original film trilogy, while charting new ground for Star Wars with incredible new stories.

[1.01 + 1.02] "Spark of Rebellion"

The crew of the 'Ghost'
The crew of the 'Ghost' from Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The first episode"

Claim to Fame: Introduces viewers to the Outer Rim world Lothal, and the crew of five Rebels (and one cranky droid) who fight against them. It also has the first ever on-screen visit to the planet Kessel.

The main characters we meet are:

  • Kanan Jarrus: A "cowboy Jedi" who escaped Order 66 as a Padawan and hid his Jedi heritage to survive.
  • Ezra Bridger: A brash, 14-year-old, streetwise survivalist with a mysterious past, who Kanan finds very strong with the Force.
  • Hera Syndulla: The gifted pilot and owner of the Ghost, and the glue that holds the crew together. She's intensely focused on doing the right thing.
  • Garazeb Orrelios, aka Zeb: is the team's muscle and frequent comic relief.
  • Sabine Wren: A Mandalorian munitions specialist who loves to blow things up almost as much as she loves to "tag" Imperial property with her own artwork.
  • There's also Chopper, aka C1-10P the crew's highly cantankerous droid. (Showrunner Dave Filoni says that if R2-D2 were the family's pet dog, Chopper would be the cat!)

Spoilers: Kanan reveals himself as a Jedi to the Empire, the group rescues a bunch of Wookiees from Kessel, and the Empire becomes aware of Hera's Rebel cell, dispatching a creepy, dark side Force-user called the Inquisitor to hunt them down.

[1.03] "Droids in Distress"

C-3PO, Chopper, and R2-D2
C-3PO, Chopper, and R2-D2 on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The one with R2-D2 and C-3PO"

Claim to Fame: It reveals that Zeb may just be the last of his species, the Lasat. And the baddie who ordered their extinction? The crew's new nemesis, Agent Kallus.

Spoilers: Turns out, the Imperials are not the only ones who have a sudden interest in the crew of the Ghost. And R2-D2 and Chopper don't get along. A lot.

[1.04] "Fighter Flight"

Zeb and Ezra
Zeb and Ezra on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Ezra and Zeb learn to get along"

Claim to Fame: Probably the most lighthearted episode of the show, this simple story is about a supply run gone wrong. But watch for some little winks to Star Wars lore, such as the holographic game Dejarik.

Spoilers: When Zeb and Ezra tell Kanan that they crashed their stolen TIE Fighter to get rid of it... They're lying.

[1.05] "Rise of the Old Masters"

The Inquisitor fights Kanan
The Inquisitor fights Kanan for the first time on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The Inquisitor's big entrance"

Claim to Fame: Ezra and Kanan face the Inquisitor for the first time, and it doesn't go well. But Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is still alive!

Spoilers: Just kidding. She's totally dead.

[1.06] "Breaking Ranks"

Ezra Bridger
Ezra Bridger undercover at Stormtrooper academy on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Ezra goes to Stormtrooper school"

Claim to Fame: An unusual episode starring Ezra almost exclusively. He makes a new friend that will prove important later on.

Spoilers: An enormous kyber crystal has been found on Lothal. What ever could the Empire want it for?

[1.07] "Out of Darkness"

Hera and Sabine
Hera and Sabine fight Fyrnocks on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Girl power vs. monsters in the dark"

Claim to Fame: The first mention of Fulcrum, code name of the mysterious Rebel Alliance intelligence officer who, we learn, Hera gets her marching orders from.

Spoilers: This isn't the last you'll see of those nasty Fyrnock creatures.

[1.08] "Empire Day"

Empire Day
Empire Day is celebrated on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The Empire's holiday = Ezra's birthday"

Claim to Fame: The show's mythology kicks into gear in its first ever two-parter, as we finally learn more about Ezra's background.

Spoilers: Ezra was born on the same day the Empire was. His parents vanished when he was seven. What became of them?

[1.09] "Gathering Forces"

Ezra and the giant Fyrnock
Ezra summons a giant Fyrnock to fight the Inquisitor on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Ezra's terrifying display of power"

Claim to Fame: When a trap set for the Inquisitor goes wrong, Ezra touches the Dark Side of the Force with his unique ability to connect to other living things.

Spoilers: Ezra wasn't ready yet to learn the truth about his parents from Tseebo... But Hera was.

[1.10] "Path of the Jedi"

Ezra Bridger's kyber crystal
Ezra Bridger finds a kyber crystal for his first lightsaber on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Ezra builds his lightsaber"

Claim to Fame: Yoda! Frank Oz lends his voice to the episode, as Yoda distantly communicates to Ezra and Kanan using the Force.

Spoilers: Ezra's fear and anger give him a dangerously strong connection to the dark side. His desire for revenge against the Empire could lead him away from the Jedi path.

[1.11] "Idiot's Array"

Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The one with Lando"

Claim to Fame: A lighthearted heist episode -- with Billy Dee Williams! -- to cleanse the palate before diving back into heavier fare for the rest of the season.

Spoilers: Lando is always a step ahead of everyone else. Ezra's lightsaber can do something we've never seen a lightsaber do before.

[1.12] "Vision of Hope"

Senator Gall Trayvis
Senator Gall Trayvis addresses the people on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The traitorous Senator"

Claim to Fame: Several episodes have teased a Senator who's exiled himself and speaks out against the Empire. When the crew finally meets him, he's not what they expect.

Spoilers: Hera proves again why she's such an effective Rebel leader.

[1.13] "Call to Action"

Grand Moff Tarkin
Grand Moff Tarkin on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Tarkin comes to Lothal"

Claim to Fame: The action heats up as Grand Moff Tarkin arrives to personally oversee the hunt for the Ghost's crew of Rebels. He quickly lives up to his brutal reputation.

Spoilers: Kanan is captured by the Empire.

[1.14] "Rebel Resolve"

Kanan is tortured by the Empire
Kanan is tortured by the Empire on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Chopper goes undercover"

Claim to Fame: Ezra makes a risky deal with smuggler Vizago, earning Hera's ire, but ultimately discovers Kanan's location: he's on his way to Mustafar, where the Empire takes Jedi for execution.

Spoilers: Chopper is one resourceful little droid, but he doesn't believe in mercy.

[1.15] "Fire Across the Galaxy"

The Inquisitor
The Inquisitor immediately before he committed suicide, on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The crew joins the Rebel Alliance"

Claim to Fame: Fulcrum's identity is revealed: it's Ahsoka Tano! Kanan finally overcomes his own past and self-doubt.

Spoilers: Kanan takes on the Inquisitor in a fierce clash and wins; the Inquisitor kills himself rather than face his master Darth Vader in defeat.

[2.01 + 2.02] "The Seige of Lothal"

Darth Vader
Darth Vader displays his incredible Force powers on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Enter Darth Vader"

Claim to Fame: The 2-part Season Two premiere finds Hera and Ahsoka trying to usher the crew into the Rebel Alliance. At the height of his power, Darth Vader personally intervenes in the fight against the Lothal Rebels, leading to some shocking confrontations.

Spoilers: Ahsoka gets a Force-fueled glimpse at Darth Vader and is so overwhelmed by the sensation that she passes out. She later says she has no idea who the Sith Lord was, but it's obvious she's mighty suspicious...

[2.03] "The Lost Commanders"

Clone Troopers Wolffe, Rex, and Gregor
Clone Troopers Wolffe, Rex, and Gregor, many years after the Clone Wars, on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Return of the Clones"

Claim to Fame: Clone soldiers Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe turn up older and in hiding from the Empire. They're wandering a desolate world in an old AT-TE walker.

Spoilers: Rex and his pals removed their control chips before Order 66 was given. So they never murdered any Jedi. (Nice nod to a related story arc from The Clone Wars.)

[2.04] "Relics of the Old Republic"

Imperial AT-AT walkers
Imperial AT-AT walkers take on Rex's AT-TE on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Clash of the Walkers"

Claim to Fame: Rex's old Republic AT-TE takes on three Imperial AT-ATs in a giant mech brawl. What else do you need to know?

Spoilers: Rex's lines when talking smack about Stormtroopers to Kallus are probably the best in the series so far. A sweet reunion caps off the episode.

[2.05] "Always Two There Are"

Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother
The Inquisitors called Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother, on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Two new Inquisitors in town"

Claim to Fame: Sarah Michelle Gellar (wife of Freddie Prinze Jr., aka Kanan Jarrus) joins the voice cast as a cunning Inquisitor called the Seventh Sister. Together with the Fifth Brother, the duo proves quite effective at hunting Rebels.

Spoilers: The Inquisitor from Season 1 was "the Grand Inquisitor." The names of these two newcomers hint at a hierarchy system -- and an entire order of these Dark Side users, later confirmed as "the Inquisitorius."

[2.06] "Brothers of the Broken Horn"

Hondo Ohnaka
Hondo Ohnaka on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The one with Hondo Ohnaka"

Claim to Fame: Another Clone Wars vet turns up, and even though he's fallen on hard times, he's still the same old Hondo.

Spoilers: Never underestimate Chopper.

[2.07] "Wings of the Master"

Prototype B-Wing fighter
Hera pilots the prototype B-Wing fighter on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Hera flies the first B-Wing"

Claim to Fame: Another piece of the Rebel Alliance puzzle falls into place when Hera undertakes a dangerous mission to procure a powerful ship for the Rebellion. In case you still have any doubt, Hera is an extremely gifted pilot.

Spoilers: Hera gets a big promotion.

[2.08] "Blood Sisters"

Ketsu Onyo and Sabine Wren
Ketsu Onyo and Sabine Wren take on the Empire on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Sabine's bounty hunter friend"

Claim to Fame: Sabine runs into a bounty hunter she used to work with after escaping the Imperial Academy but before she joined the Rebels. Sabine has very much changed for the better since her former life.

Spoilers: Come for a history lesson on Sabine's past. Stay for Chopper's hilarious sabotaging of Ketsu's ship.

[2.09] "Stealth Strike"

Kanan and Rex
Kanan and Rex disguised as Stormtroopers, on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Kanan and Rex make nice"

Claim to Fame: The Empire has a powerful new weapon that can pull ships out of hyperspace, and it nabs Ezra and Commander Sato. Kanan and Rex have to team up to rescue them -- and work through their issues.

Spoilers: It sure is nice to see Kanan and Rex getting along, but it's Chopper who once again steals the show -- this time by engineering a satisfyingly massive collision of Imperial vessels.

[2.10] "The Future of the Force"

Ahsoka Tano is ready to fight
Ahsoka Tano takes on the Inquisitors on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Ahsoka smacks down the Inquisitors"

Claim to Fame: A little bit more about the Inquisitors is learned when we find out they seek out Force-sensitive infants and steal them -- either to kill, or train to join their ranks.

Spoilers: At last we get to see Ahsoka ignite her snazzy new (white!) lightsabers and kick butt. And oh holy crap is it worth the wait.

[2.11] "Legacy"

Ezra's parents, Ephraim and Mira Bridger
Ezra's parents, Ephraim and Mira Bridger on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The truth about Ezra's parents"

Claim to Fame: The crew returns to Lothal to search for Ezra's parents after he sees them in a powerful vision. Things have deteriorated on their old stomping grounds, and they meet a former governor who was arrested for standing up to the Empire.

Spoilers: Sadly, the Bridgers are dead.

[2.12] "A Princess on Lothal"

Princess Leia visits Lothal
Princess Leia visits Lothal on Star Wars Rebels. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The one with Princess Leia"

Claim to Fame: 15-year-old Leia Organa is already a formidable Rebel leader. When her father Bail Organa sends cruisers to the Rebellion as reinforcements for their losses on Garel, he sends Leia along to oversee the operation.

Spoilers: Ezra's having a hard time coping with his parents' death. Kanan takes down an AT-AT with just his lightsaber and it's awesome.

[2.13] "The Protector of Concord Dawn"

Sabine is ready for a fight
Sabine is ready for a fight. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Sabine throws down with Mandalorians"

Claim to Fame: The Rebels need a new route through hyperspace, and seek a Mandalorian group's permission to use theirs. Sabine has to reveal her heritage to earn their respect. The Rebels gain a new ally, albeit a highly reluctant one.

Spoilers: Sabine is a member of House Viszla; her mother was part of Death Watch. (What if her mom is Clone Wars' Bo-Katan?! Dave Filoni has hinted that it's possible.)

[2.14] "Legends of the Lasat"

Chava the Wise speaks of an ancient Lasat prophecy.
Chava the Wise speaks of an ancient Lasat prophecy on 'Star Wars Rebels'. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Zeb and the new Lasat homeworld"

Claim to Fame: Zeb's past is finally revealed: He was Captain(!) of the Lasan Honor Guard, and he feels responsible for his homeworld's fall. A surprise pair of surviving Lasats convince him to use some special mojo to search for a prophesied new home.

Spoilers: Turns out, Lasan was just a colony world. Zeb's bo-rifle has a very special, secret function.

[2.15] "The Call"

Ezra connects to the Pergill
A scene from 'The Call' episode of "Star Wars Rebels". Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Ezra helps the space whales"

Claim to Fame: The Ghost travels to a distant mining operation to steal fuel from a Mining Guild operation that's under siege by giant space creatures called Purrgil. Ezra helps the creatures as his unique ability to connect to living beings grows ever stronger.

Spoilers: The Mining Guild uses modified (yellow!) TIE Fighters for defense. The Purrgil actually inspired a major part of modern space travel.

[2.16] "Homecoming"

Hera and her father, Cham Syndulla
Hera teams up with her estranged father, Cham Syndulla. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Hera's tense reunion with dad"

Claim to Fame: Needing a carrier to base Rebel fighters on, the Ghost teams up with Hera's estranged father, Twi'lek war hero Cham Syndulla, to steal a carrier from the Empire. The resulting fireworks make this one of the series' strongest episodes to-date.

Spoilers: Hera has intentionally changed her native Twi'lek accent to better integrate with the Rebellion. You may see the big twist coming, but that makes it no less astonishing when it does.

[2.17] "The Honorable Ones"

Agent Kallus and Zeb must team up to survive
Agent Kallus and Zeb must team up to survive, in "The Honorable Ones". Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Zeb and Kallus bond"

Claim to Fame: Zeb and Kallus are stranded on an icy moon and forced to team up, leading to some big revelations from Agent Kallus, who might be more sympathetic than we thought. Ends on a brilliantly haunting moment.

Spoilers: We see Geonosis (from orbit) for the first time since the Clone Wars, but something's wrong: the entire population is gone! Are they all dead?

[2.18] "Shroud of Darkness"

Yoda in "Shroud of Darkness"
Yoda appears in "Shroud of Darkness". Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Big revelations change everything"

Claim to Fame: Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka return to the Jedi Temple on Lothal seeking Yoda's guidance on how to fight the Inquisitors and Darth Vader.

Spoilers: Yowza, where to begin...

  • Ahsoka last saw Anakin not when she quit the Jedi Order, but just moments before the events of Revenge of the Sith.
  • The Grand Inquisitor was once a Jedi Temple Guard.
  • Yoda tells Ezra to find the planet Malachor.
  • Kanan officially receives the title of Jedi Knight.
  • Ahsoka finally learns the terrible truth about Darth Vader.

[2.19] "The Forgotten Droid"

"The Forgotten Droid"
Still image from "The Forgotten Droid". Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Chopper gets his own Threepio"

Claim to Fame: Chopper gets left behind on a mission, makes a new droid friend named AP-5, and recruits him to the cause. The Rebels finally end their season-long search for a viable new base.

Spoilers: Chopper's history is revealed: He served on a Y-Wing during the Clone Wars, his ship was shot down over Ryloth, and it crashed at Hera's front door. She befriended him and prevented his deactivation.

[2.20] "The Mystery of Chopper Base"

"The Mystery of Chopper Base"
Still image from "The Mystery of Chopper Base". Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "Attack of the giant spiders!"

Claim to Fame: It's one last adventure for the core team before Kanan and Ezra depart with Ahsoka to challenge the Inquisitors. Together, they deal with an infestation of lethal, spider-like "Krykna" creatures near their new base on Atollon.

Spoilers: Hera and Kanan share a tender moment that 'shippers will love. But an overall ominous tone underscores the fact that whatever the season finale brings... It's going to change everything.

[2.21 + 2.22] "Twilight of the Apprentice" (Season Finale)

Ahsoka Tano vs. Darth Vader
Ahsoka Tano fights Darth Vader on Malachor. Lucasfilm Ltd.

aka, "The mind-blowing game-changer"

Claim to Fame: The two-part Season 2 finale swung for the fences and landed a home run. Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka go to Malachor, seeking a way to defeat the Inquisitors. But they're met by three Inquisitors, the return of a long lost villain, and a heart-stopping confrontation with Darth Vader.

Spoilers: Ahsoka is unable to redeem Anakin Skywalker, and is subsequently lost and believed dead (don't worry, she's alive). Kanan takes a lightsaber hit to the face, permanently blinding him. Ezra is on the verge of crossing over to the dark side. And Darth Maul is back and positioned to be Season 3's main villain.

Nothing will ever be the same.