Star Wars Battlefront Cheats, Cheat Codes, and Walkthroughs

How to get ahead in the online shooter for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Electronic Arts and DICE's multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront drops players into some of the biggest battles from all three trilogies of the science-fantasy franchise. Just like the movies from which it draws its inspiration, the skirmishes are huge, loud, and chaotic; it can be hard to keep track of what's going on and even harder to get your team on the winning side.

Luckily, we have some tips, suggestions, and walkthroughs that can help you stay on top of the intergalactic civil wars and keep you off the wrong side of your opponents' blasters.

Information in this article applies to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of Star Wars Battlefront.

Go for the Hero Tokens

You'll spend most of your time on the battlefield as a Stormtrooper, Attack Droid, Clonetrooper, or Rebel soldier, but every once in a while, a Hero Token will appear on the map that will let you take on the role of one of the more famous Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker or Darth Maul.

Darth Vader at the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars Battlefront.
 Electronic Arts

In the vehicles-only Fighter Squadron matches, these tokens give you access to an extra powerful, iconic ship like the Millennium Falcon or Boba Fett's Slave-1. In either case, snagging one of these may help you turn a losing battle around or turn a win into a proper stomping.

These tokens don't always show up in the same places, but if you have some idea of where to look, you can plan to snatch them up before your enemies do. If you only focus on getting the Hero Tokens, though, odds are you'll get shot a lot. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a general idea of where to go in the back of your mind.

The tokens can conceivably show up anywhere on the map a regular power-up might appear, but the chart below shows some reliable spots to try.

Map Mode Location
Endor Supremacy Middle of the map, in a creek.
Outpost Beta Supremacy A small hallway behind the piloting depot.
Sorosuub Centroplex Supremacy Inside the fortified building  near the Rebel spawn point.
Jundland Wastes Supremacy In the canyon next to the Sandcrawler.
Endor Walker Assault In the middle of the map.
Sorosuub Centroplex Walker Assault Near a cylindrical structure.
Jundland Wastes Walker Assault In a narrow cave past the Sandcrawler.
Outpost Beta Fighter Squadron Near a crashed, round ship on top of a mountain.
Sorosuub Complex Fighter Squadron On a platform on the left side of the map.
Jundland Wastes Fighter Squadron On the right side of the map, in a canyon.
Jawa Refuge Fighter Squadron Near a rocky ledge next to the settlement.
Graveyard of Giants Fighter Squadron Near the ground in the middle of the map.

Snatch Up the Star Cards

Before each match, and each time you respawn, you'll get a chance to choose a loadout of abilities and weapons based on the equipment you've unlocked in the form of Star Cards. You should experiment with different combinations to find the one that best suits your playing style.

Rebels deploy a shield in Star Wars Battlefront
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The table below lays out every available card, the level you must be to unlock it, its cost, and what it does.

Item Unlock Level Unlock Price Description
Thermal Detonator 2 100 A handheld explosive handy for intimidating Hutts.
Scout Pistol 4 600 A pistol that's especially effective at close range.
Ion Grenade 4 600 A handheld explosive effective against shields, droids, and vehicles.
Pulse Cannon 6 2.200 A long-range rifle that charges up to deal more damage.
Impact Grenade 6 2,200 A handheld explosive that blows up when it hits something.
Ion Torpedo 9 3,000 Deals a lot of damage to vehicles (and none to ground troops).
Homing Shot 11 4,000 A long-range rocket that seeks out enemies you target.
Smoke Grenade 13 4,000 Provides cover and prevents enemies from locking onto you.
Jump Pack 16 4,000 Lets you cover a lot of ground quickly with the power of a controlled explosive you wear on your body.
Flash Grenade 20 4,000 Causes no damage but will disorient enemy troops.
Barrage 24 4,000 A grenade launcher that fires three projectiles simultaneously.
Cycler Rifle 28 4,000 A long-range weapon that can penetrate shields.
Bowcaster 32 4,000 The chosen weapon of Wookiee copilots, this laser crossbow can charge up to fire multiple projectiles at once.

You'll also be able to unlock Charged Star Cards, which give you bonuses and special abilities on the weapons you bring into battle. These are a finite resource, so you can't use them without gathering energy or paying credits for refills.

The following table has everything you need to know about Charged Star Cards.

Item Unlock Level
Unlock Price
Cooling Cell 7 2,200 For a limited time, lets you fire your weapons for longer without them overheating.
Ion Shot 7 2,200 Gives your primary weapon ion-firing capabilities, letting you take on droids, shielded enemies, and vehicles more effectively.
Focus Fire 7 2,200 Makes your primary weapon more accurate.
Scan Pulse 13 2,200 Shows you the locations of enemies nearby.
Explosive Shot 18 2,200 Your primary weapon will fire rounds that blow up.
Personal Shield 22 2,200 Puts up an energy barrier that protects you from regular fire. Vulnerable to ion blasts.

The final sets of items you can add to your arsenal before matches are Trait Cards. These activate when you earn a kill streak and become even more powerful the higher your streak gets.

Here are all of the Trait Cards and what they do.

Item Unlock Level
Unlock Price
Bodyguard 15 7,000 Makes you more resistant to explosive damage.
Survivalist 15 7,000 Decreases the amount of time you have to avoid damage before your health starts to regenerate.
Scout 15 7,000 Makes you less visible to enemy scanners.
Sharpshooter 26 7,000 Decreases the cooldown times on your abilities when you kill enemies with headshots.
Bounty Hunter 26 7,000 Gives you a chance to earn a powerup for each kill.

Complete the Hutt Contracts

If you have the "Outer Rim," "Death Star," "Bespin," and "Rogue One: Scarif" add-on packs, you'll unlock Hutt Contracts, which let you get some additional Star Cards for completing specific tasks in-game.

You must purchase downloadable content or own the Season Pass to access this content.

The Outer Rim DLC for Star Wars Battlefront.
Electronic Arts 

Here's what you have to do to unlock them and what they'll get you.

Item How to Unlock Unlock Price Description
Bacta Bomb Get 5,000 points on objectives. 3,500 Heals everyone in the area of effect.
Dioxis Grenade Reach Rank 12 and use 20 Smoke Grenades and blind 20 enemies with a Flash Grenade. 3,500 Damages everyone in the area of effect with deadly gas.
Laser Trip Mine Get 10 kills with explosives and 20 kills using the Scout Trait. 3,500 A proximity explosive that will remain armed until it is activated or replaced.
Scatter Gun Get 40 kills with the CA-87 Shock Blaster and use Focus Fire 20 times. 3,500 It's like a shotgun. But with lasers.
Scout Binoculars Use Scan Pulse 25 times. 3,500 Marks enemies for the player's entire team.
Sonic Imploder Use Flash Grenades on 25 players and get 15 kills with the Impact Grenade. 3,500 Blinds enemies (more powerful than Flash Grenade).
Adrenaline Stim Earn 2,500 Objective points in the Extraction mode. 3,500 Gives player a health boost.
Disruption Use Cooling Cell 25 times and perform 30 cooling flushes. 1,500 Overheats enemy weapons and vehicles.
Stinger Pistol Defeat 25 enemies with the DL-18 and 15 with the Scout Pistol. 3,500 Targets continue to take damage after you hit them.
Escape Artist Defend 10 uplinks and get 5 melee kills. 8,500 Increases player's movement speed.
Berserker Reach Level 3 on any Trait 5 times. 8,000 Firing from the hip does bonus damage.

Keep a Lookout for the CJ-9 Bo-Rifle

The CJ-9 Bo-Rifle is far from the most impressive weapon in Battlefront, but it's versatile and serves as a cool Easter egg for Star Wars fans. The Bo-Rifle appears in Rebels and is a hybrid weapon. Wielders can use it as both a blaster and an electrified staff to fight enemies at medium or melee range.

The Bo-Rifle doesn't show up in regular loadouts. Instead, the only way to get your hands on one is to defeat an enemy trooper who is already using it. That's a reference to the in-universe lore stating a Bo-Rifle belongs to whoever defeats its previous owner. After that, you'll unlock it permanently.

While the ranged abilities are underwhelming, the "Bo" part of the weapon can take enemies out in a single melee hit, so it's worth keeping an eye out for.

Ease off on the Throttle

When you're playing a Fighter Squadron match, it's tempting to zoom across the sky at full speed once you get behind the controls of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter. But this isn't always the best idea.

A space battle in Star Wars Battlefront VR.
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You can control your airspeed with the throttle controls, and the faster you go, the wider your turns will be. So, you'll be a harder target to hit, but you'll also have less maneuverability. When you're in air combat, your speed is at least as important as your accuracy with your blasters, since maintaining control will ensure you can get the perfect shots lined up.

You'll want to learn how to balance your speed and control, as this will help you decide when to escape from enemy pilots and when to try to outmaneuver them. And all of this will keep you in the sky longer.