Staffing The Business with Essential Office Jobs

A Guide to Get You Started

Essential Office Jobs. Getty Images

There are no clear distinctions as to which office jobs accomplish which office tasks. In fact, in smaller offices, you will find that one person will perform a variety of different office responsibilities. In large offices, the duties and responsibilities are specialized and concentrated in particular office jobs.

This guide will help you decide which office jobs you need to accomplish the tasks necessary for an efficient office. There are no absolutes because some jobs need to be performed by one person due to the sheer volume of work; while other functions such as secretary and receptionist can be combined as a single job top be performed by one person.

Administrative Assistant or Executive Secretary

Administrative Assistants and Executive Secretaries are highly trained, organized and motivated individuals. They are the ones that keep the executives and managers on track and help them run efficient and well-organized businesses. 


The receptionist greets the public, is the "gatekeeper" to the organization and performs a variety of other tasks that are important to the company. The tasks that are performed vary between small, medium and large businesses. 

Medical Secretary and Administrative Assistant

Medical secretarial and administrative assistants have special training that is required by the medical profession. Hiring the wrong secretary or administrative assistant will negatively impact the way your medical office operates. 


The office job of a cashier extends beyond handling just the money in the office. It doesn't have to be a full-time job, but a well-designed office will have checks and balances built in order to protect the monetary assets of the company. 

Clerk / Data Entry

The office clerk or data entry employee focuses their effort on accomplishing a variety of basic office tasks that keep the office running and information flowing throughout the business. This elementary office job is necessary for the efficient operation of the office.

Office Manager / Supervisor

The job of the office manager and/or office supervisor is to ensure that the office functions efficiently and naturally. This multifaceted individual is the key to a successful office. 

Customer Support / Customer Service

Customer Support or Customer Service Representatives are your voice and ears to your customers. A well-organized customer service area can be the difference between your company growing or becoming another statistic in a tough economy. 

Accounting Manager / Supervisor

The job of the Accounting Manager or Accounting Supervisor is to ensure the integrity of the financial processes that need to take place. Hiring or promoting the wrong person to this position can be a costly mistake. 

Every business has unique needs and not every business will need every one of these jobs. There are jobs, such as Marketing and Business Development that could be handled by an individual or a group of people. The business needs to be promoted. Social Media and Digital Marketing have made spreading the word about the business much easier today than in the past. Often, in a start-up, the founder or owner will take on the functions of promoting the business in order to determine the best venues for getting leads and customers. As the business grows, it may be necessary to dedicate a component of an employee’s time to supporting this function, or it may make sense to devote a full-time person to be responsible strictly for the promotion of the business.