Spyder Victor II

Review of the Beginner Paintball Gun

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The Spyder Victor II is a basic, beginner paintball gun and is very similar to the Spyder Victor, except that it comes with a couple of upgrades over the basic model. It's a solid beginner gun with lots of customizing potential, but don't expect anything fancy out of the box.

Differences From Spyder Victor

The Victor II is really just a basic Spyder Victor with a few minor changes: it has a gas through fore grip and front expansion chamber and has a second-generation Venturi bolt.


Check out the review of the Spyder Victor to learn about the design. The only visible difference is the gas through fore grip and front expansion chamber. Overall, it's a simple, balanced gun with functionality as the focus and looks as more of an afterthought. The gun is not ugly by any means but it has nothing that really sets it apart from other beginner guns.


The Victor II really is very comparable to the original Spyder Victor in terms of performance. The front expansion chamber supposedly helps with reliability but we haven't noticed a difference even in cold weather conditions. The second generation Venturi bolt claims to help the gun shoot more consistently and limiting breaks by disrupting the air immediately behind the paintball (a direct blast supposedly warps the ball and is more likely to cause breaks). My personal experience is that Venturi bolts don't make any noticeable difference in game situations. If you want to avoid breaks, buy slightly nicer paint.

Reliability and Maintenance

It is very comparable to the Spyder Victor—take care of it with a little oil and regular cleaning and it will take care of you.


While the basic Victor II is nothing special, it does make an excellent beginner gun because it can be heavily upgraded. Whether you want to get a barrel kit , electronic trigger frame, upgraded bolt, or custom grips, the Victor can support it. Along with the multitude of upgrades available, many different companies make upgrades that fit the Victor so they are less expensive and very widely available. With a Victor, you can start small and then customize your gun to make it fit your needs.


  • Inexpensive
  • Very upgradeable
  • Simple and reliable design


  • Not particularly accurate or consistent
  • Has a tendency to chop cheap paint
  • All components are low-end


  • Entry-level blowback paintball gun
  • Commonly available from specialty stores and large retail outlets
  • Many upgrades are readily available
  • Can run on CO2 or compressed air
  • Spyder Manufacturer's Website