Spyder Pilot

Spyder Pilot
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The Bottom Line

Kingman's Sypder Pilot ACS is an electro-mechanical, blowback paintball gun that is ideal for the player who wants the speed of an electronic gun matched with the simplicity and ease of use of a mechanical gun. Its lower cost isn't bad, either. While it really doesn't compare to a high-end electro or more expensive mechanical paintball guns, it is one of the better entry-level blowbacks available.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with many upgrades over other entry-level guns
  • Easy to change firing modes
  • Runs on CO2 or Compressed Air


  • Uncomfortable grip
  • Not super accurate
  • A little rough on paint
  • Lousy stock feedneck


  • Entry-level electron-mechanical blowback paintball gun
  • Commonly found online and in stores
  • Comes with a 9-volt rechargeable battery
  • Semi-Auto up to 20 bps, 3-shot burst, 6-shot bursts, and full-auto
  • Tournament lock mode
  • Manufacturer's Website

Guide Review - Spyder Pilot



The Spyder Pilot is a blowback paintball gun matched with an electronic trigger frame that allows for quick firing, a short trigger pull and multiple firing modes (which are easily adjusted via the handy screen). The gun itself is visually appealing with nice milling and a variety of potential paint jobs (including some good-looking cross fades). It also has a top-cocking ACS (Anti-Chop System) bolt, a removable feedneck and comes with a drop forward. It comes with a quick release pin so it's a snap to get to the internals where it's a simple over/under blowback paintball gun. It can run on CO2 or compressed air.


The Pilot excels at its speed. Its allows you to shoot quickly and you can tune the trigger to have a short pull and you can shoot a lot of paint in a hurry - if you have the gun on a high firing mode, make sure you have a hopper that can keep up with the gun. It comes with the ACS Anti-Chop System which supposedly keeps the gun from chopping paintballs that haven't completely loaded, but its success is variable - be prepared to break some paintballs (though good quality paintballs will help that). Keep in mind that the Pilot is a blowback paintball gun, so when it fires it does have a kick - you can still shoot accurately, but you probably won't be able to put ball on ball consistently at a 50 feet.


If you are considering the Spyder Pilot, keep in mind what you are getting - a blowback paintball gun with an electronic grip that will be easy to maintain, simple to fix and also is upgradeable. Keep in mind, though, this is still just one of the better entry-level paintball gun. It is not designed to out-perform top-end paintball guns, but it also will not be a liability.

Reviewer's note: This review is based heavily on other reviews of the Spyder Pilot.

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