4 Fun Spring Styling Tricks for Women of Any Age

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Spring Styling Tricks That Hardly Require Any Effort

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With each turn of the fashion cycle, a new season begs us to fill our closets with all kinds of trend-forward pieces. We're all about staying with the times and maintaining a modern wardrobe—but doesn't it get exhausting to think about constantly spending money on pieces that will likely not hold the timeless appeal of, say, your fisherman sweater or your favorite Levi's?

Building off of a capsule wardrobe is often necessary, but we also love when we can pull things out of our closet and wear them in a way that makes them feel new all over again.

That's why we decided to look at all of our favorite street style and runway looks that already seem to be spawning trends and see how we could start wearing them without hardly any new purchases required.

Check out four of our favorite spring trends, and prepare to raid your grandmother's costume jewelry collection.

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Wear a Silk Scarf or Bandana Like a Necklace

women wearing bandanas like necklaces
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The bandana trend has been picking up steam, and we have a feeling it's going to reach fever pitch this spring and summer. You can tie one on your bag, around your wrist or even in your hair, but our favorite way is a twist on the classic: Around your neck. You can go folded and fitted, like a choker necklace (on the left) or twist it and tie the ends low, letting it hang lower, like a necklace (on the right).

This trend works with a silk scarf or banana, just make sure it's not too big. You should be able to find one or both somewhere in your house, and if not—bandanas cost about $5 and you can get one (or a dozen) from Amazon. 

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Tie a Thin Ribbon in Your Hair


Bows aren't just for little girls anymore. The bow trend has been catching on in the fashion world for a few seasons now, and our favorite (and most grown-up) way to wear it is with a simple ribbon in your hair. Whether you opt for a bouncy high ponytail or sleek, loose low pony, all you need is a plain ribbon to give your look a touch of femininity and charm.

If you don't have any wrappings from past birthdays and occasions hiding somewhere in your house, just pop into your local craft or trimmings store. Thin velvet ribbon (our favorite) in burgundy or black or even grey will only run you about $1.50 a yard.

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Pile on the Brooches and Pins

women wearing brooches and pins
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The return of brooches has to be one of the prettiest spring trends. There are so many ways to wear brooches and pins, but our favorite is just to pile them on! Mix and match a few favorites, vintage and new pieces—there are no rules. You can wear them on everything from chunky knit sweaters to the lapel of your favorite wool coat—even your hats.

If you can't find any you love in your mom's or grandmother's jewelry box, check out local vintage stores, eBay, and Etsy, as well as on-trend jewelry brands like Lulu Frost and BaubleBar.

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Wear White Sneakers With Everything


This isn't the first time we've advocated for sneakers as our favorite shoes. The easiest way to work them into your wardrobe, no matter your age? Go with classic white. Whether you're a Converse devotee or looking to up your street cred with a pair of Nike Air Max Thea kicks, white will look good with just about everything!

Take inspiration from the new generation of young supermodels and pair your white sneakers with a sleek shift dress on Casual Friday at the office, and with jeans or a sweater dress on the weekends.