How to Style Cropped Straight Leg Jeans

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The Cropped Jeans Trend

Cropped jeans and ankle boots
Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Street style, even more than the red carpet or celebrity magazines, is the most reliable place to look for trending fashions. If my photo feed is any indication, cropped jeans are back in style in a big way now -- and these jeans are shorter, lighter blue, and less skinny through the leg opening than those we've seen in a few years.

To inspire you to try the trend, here are some street-style photos of the new, more relaxed cropped jeans. You'll get outfit ideas, plus tips on where to wear this trendy style.

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Upscale Mom Look

Cropped mom jeans outfit
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Fashion is often about surprises. These cropped, high-waisted blue jeans are weekend casual, while the high-necked, silk blouse is office-ready. Somehow, though, together they create an outfit that works. Maybe it's those amazing pink metallic shoes

Where to Wear It: To meet an old school friend, or for impressing other moms on the playground.

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Mix Baggy and Snug Silhouettes

Cropped baggy jeans and tweed jacket
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Got a pair of mom-ish jeans in your closet? Don't hide them or save them for weekends doing chores. Give them their day in the sun by pairing them with a Chanel-inspired, short tweed blazer, a cross-body bag and some classic pumps. This is a fashion editor's go-to trick for dressing up a more casual wardrobe piece, by pairing it with one that's higher-end.

Where to Wear It: Shopping with your girlfriends.

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Pair Cropped Jeans With a Tailored Blazer

Street style outfit with cropped jeans
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Here's inspiration for wearing shorter, relaxed jeans to work. You'll out-style your office fashion rivals in cropped vintage-wash, straight leg jeans, layered with a chambray shirt and a dark, tailored blazer. Bring in the sophistication with high-quality, graphic accessories as seen here.

Where to Wear It: To the office, for meetings and presentations. 

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Try Mom Jeans With a Leather Jacket

Mom jeans and biker jacket
Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

This is how mom jeans would look if the mom in question was Patti Smith. Take a look at how a pair of baggy, high-waisted jeans in a washed-out rinse look surprisingly cool and modern, when paired with a tough, biker-style leather jacket and menswear-inspired loafers. 

Where to Wear It: This is a great look for class or bicycling around the city. 

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Hipster Outfit

Cropped jeans and sweater outfit
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Short, light-wash jeans and a sweater could be a mom jeans disaster -- or a great fashion moment, as seen here. For a cozy-meets-cute look that works for spring or fall, layer a brightly colored, slim-fitting sweater over a button-down shirt. Tuck both into a comfy pair of high-rise straight leg jeans in an ankle crop. Wedge heels help to lengthen legs when you wear shorter jeans, while still being easy to walk a mile in. The cross-body bag is a modern must.

Where to Wear It: At the farmer's market or flea market.

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Wear Cropped Patchwork Jeans for Spring

Cropped jeans and blue jacket
Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images

Patchwork jeans are trending now and this two-tone pair from the Edit Jeans brand is a stand-out option. Try a pieced-together jean when you want to add edge to a polished look -- this is wearable for work, if your office isn't conservative. (Skip the distressed jeans, if it is). Check out, too, how stylish one-color dressing can be, especially when you bring in different textures and patterns through your accessories.

Where to Wear It: For a client meeting and then cocktails

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Play Up a Cropped Jeans Look With Accessories

Cropped jeans and sweater outfit
Timur Emek/Getty Images

Cropped, straight leg jeans get a fashion makeover when you wear them with a Gucci sweater. Truthfully though, the secret to this outfit's charm is all in the accessories. A colorful bag and shoes add youthfulness to cropped, light blue jeans. Love those tinted sunglasses, too.

Where to Wear It: Shopping or meeting friends for lunch.