Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Lingerie Drawer

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Spring Cleaning Time

Spring clean underwear
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Spring has arrived! This is a wonderful time to spruce up your house, clearing out the old and inviting in the new. And that includes your lingerie drawer! Set aside some housekeeping time to sift through your undergarments like underwear, bras, stockings, corsets, and even your sexy lingerie. 

Use these four easy steps to clear out and clean up! (Plus, a few tips on what you should have in your newly organized drawer.)

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Let it Go

Spring cleaning underwear drawer
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Make room for the new! Before organizing or cleaning your lingerie and undergarments, or your bra storage area, it's best to go through your current supply. Be discerning when sorting through your bras and underwear. If your bra no longer fits, or is stretched out and unsupportive, let it go. If your underwear is fraying, has holes or stains, say goodbye. And if a style no longer suits you, is painful or uncomfortable, or you haven't worn it in over a year, it's time to ditch it. 

Keep in mind that many undergarment items like bras, underwear, shapewear, and several lingerie items are made with delicate materials and elastic. These are easily worn thin or stretched out. So while other items in your closet may last years, it's possible that you may need to toss and replace undergarments more often. This is especially true for the items that you wear and wash on a regular basis. 

Once you've determined the items to part with, decide if you want to donate them or throw them away. Surprisingly, several organizations take bra donations, including Free the Girls, which accepts gently worn or new bras to use for their program that rescues women from sex trafficking and helps them set up their own bra business. If your bra is too worn out to be worn by another woman, try Bra Recyclers, which is committed to cutting down on material waste - including bras!

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Storage Solutions

Bra and underwear storage

Storing your bras properly can help them last longer. It's best to stack molded bras in a row, without folding one cup into the other. Throwing them into a crowded drawer or inverting the cups can cause dents and misshapen molded cups. Or, a messy drawer can lead to bent underwires, causing them to break. Not to mention, it's easier to see your bra options when they're organized and neat.

According to the Kon Mari Method in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up book, available on Amazon, it is advised to fold underwear in a drawer. This will help you stay organized and reach for the correct pair, and avoid a messy pile. To keep the folded undergarments contained inside a large drawer, use boxes or storage bins to create smaller areas. 

You can use special containers, designed especially for bras and underwear. Or, you can use an empty shoe box, a plastic bin, or other storage containers you've got hanging around the house. 

Additionally, you can try hanging bras on hooks or cascading hangers, to keep them out of harm's way and looking fresh!

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Clean Up

Washing delicates
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Spring cleaning is not just about scrubbing the tub or washing the linens. It's a wonderful opportunity to reevaluate your lingerie care and cleaning routine. 

Did you know that washing your bras in the washing machine or (gasp!) dryer can ruin them? How you wash your delicates, and the soaps and accessories you use matters. Greatly. So learn the basics of washing your delicates (whether in a machine or by hand) and commit to ditching the dryer in favor of hang drying. 

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Kimmay wearing yellow Addiction lingerie
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wears a bright yellow bralette and matching panty from Addiction lingerie while in Paris. Hurray Kimmay/Becky Yee Photo

Once you've let go of the bras that no longer work, replace them with new bras in your current size. I suggest having at least 5-7 well fitting bras in your wardrobe. Start with the basics and must-haves of a great bra wardrobe and go from there. Most bra wearers need at least a few neutrals on hand, especially with Spring ahead. The upcoming lighter color and material can be more sheer, and wearing a skin tone bra or panty will give a more seamless look. Or choose something to show on purpose like a lace bralette, a bold color, or a decorative bra. It's up to you!

Take a look at your Spring and Summer wardrobe or upcoming trends and have a little fun!