Spray Painted T-shirt

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Spray Painted T-shirt: What You Will Need

Spray Painted T-Shirt
Spray Painted Shirt.

Use a simple stencil to give a shirt a professional screen printed look. This is a great beginners project to customizing your own clothing. Just follow these easy steps.

  • Scissors
  • A sheet of paper
  • A marker
  • Stencil 
  • Spray Paint-you choice of color. Use a matte paint for the best results.
  • Newspaper - To protect your work area
  • A sheet of cardboard- One that is about the size of your shirtOnce your materials are all together, let’s get started.
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Draw Your Design

Spray Painted T-Shirt
Draw and cut your stencil.

Draw the shape you want on the piece of paper and cut it out. Keep it simple until you are comfortable with this technique.

Once you have your design cut out, place the stencil.

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Place the Stencil

Spray Painted T-Shirt
Place your stencil.

Lay your shirt flat and place your stencil on the shirt. Imagine what it will look like when you are wearing the shirt.

Then, spray the shirt.

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Spray the Shirt

Spray Painted T-Shirt
Spray the shirt over the stencil. Rain Blanken

Insert your cardboard into the shirt. This is to make sure that the paint doesn't soak through to the other side of the shirt. Also, be sure you have newspaper laid out, or work outside.

Hold the spray paint can about 6” from the shirt and spray around the stencil. Apply a light amount of spray paint, it doesn't take much. This technique gives the design a spattered look.

  • To get the look we made, move the stencil down the shirt as you spray paint.
  • Cut out different shapes and designs for your stencil. You can buy pre-cut stencils at your local craft store.

Try doing this craft on a t-shirt halter top.