5 Ways to Spot Married Cheaters When Online Dating

Dimitri Otis-Photographer's Choice/Getty

Co-Author: Sherri Murphy, CEO / Elite Connections

Although online dating can be a convenient way to get back out into the dating scene, one of the biggest problems with online dating is not knowing whether the person you are talking to is telling you the truth about themselves. Besides the standard white lies like changing your weight or embellishing how tall you are, one of the more serious lies is whether or not that person is actually single.

It has been getting increasingly popular for married men and women to sign up for dating sites. Although, there is no way to know for certain if someone you are talking to is being honest about their relationship status, here are a couple red flags you should look for to be extra cautious while dating online.

1.   They don’t have a photo.

The most important thing to any cheater is making sure nobody finds out they are cheating. This ensures that they will not be recognized if someone they know in person views their profile. If you start talking to someone without a photo, be cautious.

2.   They only talk to you during strange hours of the day or night.

If they insist that they work odd hours and the only time they have to message or call you is in the late hours of the night, then they are suspicious. Of course, this does not guarantee that they are unfaithful, but you can’t deny that this behavior is usually quite shady.

3.  They pressure you for pictures or other sexual related things early on.

A lot of the time if someone is on a dating site while they are married, the main thing they are looking for is going to be sex. Because of this, they probably are not going to waste their time with extended conversations as they would if they were genuinely interested in getting to know you.

4.   They don’t want to meet you in person.

If someone is married, they probably have a set schedule that their significant other knows about. Because of this, it might be too much work for them to meet up with you. Meeting in person does not guarantee they are in the clear, though. Be wary if they do not go out in public with you or there are certain areas that they avoid going to when you are together. This behavior frequently means they do not want to be seen with you.

5.  They can’t take your phone calls.

At the beginning of a relationship, phone calls are essential. They remind both people that they are being thought about even when not together. If your phone calls are always being pushed by the silent button or sent straight to voicemail, that is a bad sign. If someone is not as capable as you to be putting time and effort into a new relationship they clearly already have too much on their plate, by that possibly meaning someone else.

As an extra precaution, avoid free dating sites. The types that cheat do not want a “paper trail.”  Overall, communication should be consistent without a lot of rules that do not make sense. Being mysterious secretive should be a turn-off when trying to find your match.

Things need to add up and make sense. Chances are if you follow your gut, you will know whether to continue pursuing a person acting these ways.