Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell PC Cheats

God Mode, full health, invisibility, and more

Future soldier with three bright green eye pieces from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is the first entry in the award-winning stealth video game series. A splinter cell is an elite recon unit consisting of a single covert operative and a high-tech remote support crew. In the game, Gulf War veteran Sam Fisher joins the National Security Agency and attempts to locate two missing CIA officers in Tbilisi, Georgia. The game, which encourages the use of stealth rather than brute force, was released in 2002.

Like many video games, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell enables cheat codes. Here's a guide to what you can do.

This guide is specifically for the PC version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell PC Cheat Codes

To access the codes, press F2 to display the console window. Then, type a code at the prompt and press Enter to activate the corresponding cheat.

Cheat Code Effect
invincible 1 Enables God Mode.
invincible 0 Disables God Mode.
health Grants full health.
invisible 1 Turns the player invisible.
invisible 0 Disables invisibility.
ammo Grants the player full ammo.
fly Enables Flight Mode.
ghost Enables No Clipping Mode.
walk Disables Flight and No Clipping Modes.
stealth View the player's stealth amount.
playersonly 1 Freezes enemies.
playersonly 0 Unfreezes enemies.
killpawns Removes all enemies.
summon [item name] Spawns indicated item.

Splinter Cell Item Codes

The following items can be used in conjunction with the summon cheat:

  • echeloningredient.ecamerajammer
  • echeloningredient.echemflare
  • echeloningredient.edisposablepick
  • echeloningredient.ediversioncamera
  • echeloningredient.ef2000
  • echeloningredient.eflare
  • echeloningredient.efraggrenade
  • echeloningredient.elasermic
  • echeloningredient.elockpick
  • echeloningredient.emedkit
  • echeloningredient.erappellingobject
  • echeloningredient.eringairfoilround
  • echeloningredient.esmokegrenade
  • echeloningredient.estickycamera
  • echeloningredient.estickyshocker
  • echeloningredient.ethermalgoggle
  • echeloningredient.ewallmine

How to Bind a Cheat to a Key

You can map a cheat code to a key for easy access during gameplay. This cheat mode procedure edits a game file.

  1. Locate the splintercelluser.ini file. It's found in the game directory which, on most systems, is the \splinter cell\system\ folder.

  2. Create a backup copy of the splintercelluser.ini file.

  3. Open the splintercelluser.ini file in a text editor.

  4. Scroll down until you find any free key and bind the desired cheat code to it.

  5. Save the file and load the game.