South Carolina Child Support Calculator

How to Estimate How Much Child Support Is Owed or Received

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The state of South Carolina uses specific guidelines to determine child support. Parents who want to estimate either how much child support they owe, or how much child support they will receive, should use South Carolina’s interactive child support calculator, which is provided by the state. In South Carolina, the average child support obligation in 2015 was between $214-285 per month. Parents and guardians can use the following information to prepare income information, estimate child support costs, and access additional child support resources below.

Questions the Form Prompts to Calculate an Estimate

Each state asks various questions regarding the parents and children involved in the child support case. Questions for the South Carolina child support calculator primarily revolve around income for both parents. According to South Carolina Support guidelines, the following information produces results that vary depending on the accuracy, model, or attorney in use. Ultimately, a Family Court Judge decides on the true amount of child support payments, however, it is important to provide as much details as possible.

Some of the items required on the child support form surround the following questions, which parents can prepare for, accordingly:

  • How many children are involved?
  • Who has custody of the children?
  • Is there a split custody arrangement or shared custody agreement?
  • What is the monthly gross income of the father and mother?
  • How much money is being spent on additional expenses each month?

Using the South Carolina Child Support Calculator

It's important for parents and guardians to only use the South Carolina child support calculator provided by the state’s Department of Social Services website. This is the most accurate and official calculator which will give the best child support estimate for the state of South Carolina. Additionally, third-party child support calculators may not provide users with a reliable, accurate child support estimate.

Equally as important, parties should be aware that the South Carolina child support calculator is designed to provide an estimate only. Accuracies will be finalized by the judge handling the child support case. In order to use the calculator for an estimate, families will need to know the monthly gross income of both parents, including alimony and child support. They will also need to know about certain expenses for each parent, including health insurance premiums and extraordinary medical costs related to the children, as well as work-related child care costs.

Tips for Parents Requesting Child Support in South Carolina

  • Become familiar with South Carolina’s child support guidelines.
  • File for child support at the local Child Support Agency.
  • Print an application for child support services right from the South Carolina Child Support Enforcement website.
  • When filing for child support, provide as much detailed, accurate information as possible.

Suggestions for Parents Who Owe Child South Carolina in South Carolina

  • Be aware that the state of South Carolina charges interest on unpaid child support.
  • If there is a difficulty in paying child support, consider requesting a child support modification.