5 Sources For New Fantasy Football Team Names

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Part of what makes Fantasy Football so fun is that you can be a little goofy. Being the guy with the boring team name in your league sucks. Don’t be the New York Wildcats again this year. It’s time you start thinking about some new Fantasy Football team names.

With that spirit in mind, here are several great spots to find a new team name. Whether you find one that’s perfect for your Fantasy Football team and your league, or these sources provide you with some great inspiration to come up with your own, either option works.

Best Sources for Team Names

Obviously, there are all sorts of different places to find inspiration, and it really depends on what kind of owner you are. So we’ll try to come up with a few different personas that might help everyone.

151+ Horribly Awesome Fantasy Football Team Names and Logos: The entire staff over at SoCalledFantasyExperts.com got together and built this comprehensive list of Fantasy team names, and they even created about 20 or so awesome logos you can use for your team's logo! Some new players entering the league earned fun new team names like, "Jameis' Crab Shack," "Hurley Gurley," and "Hangin' With Amari Cooper."

Fantasy Football League Names: Some of you might be commissioners that happened upon this league because you are trying to find a new name for your league itself, not necessarily a team name. But when you typed in “Fantasy Football League Names,” it brought you here.

League Names

Hopefully, you aren’t playing in a boring league called, “Fantasy League.” If so, then you need a new Fantasy Football league name.

Razzball’s Name Generator: This is a great resource for pairing together things you really would like your Fantasy Football team name to be.Then the generator spits out an option!

Themed Names

In the first part, it has categories for stuff like cities, adjectives, and colors, while the second category has things like war terms, ‘80s villains, and hair bands. It’s a brilliant tool!

Most Popular Team Names at CBS: Eric Kay, an old buddy over at CBSSports.com, ran some reports, crunched some numbers and digested some algorithms to come up with some of the most popular team names at CBS, one of the most popular commissioner services in the world. Who doesn’t love, “Show me your TDs” or “Cleveland Steamers”?

Yeti Vedder’s Warped Mind: There are plenty of PG ones, also, like “Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe” and “The Forte Year Old Virgin.” Many of them even come with logos you can use!

Hopefully, among all of these options, you’ll find something among all of these new Fantasy Football team names to help your team start off on the right Fantasy foot! Good luck this season!