Solutions to Common Men's Hair Problems

Tackling Common Men's Hair Problems


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Very few of us are lucky enough to have a perfect head of hair. Most guys have at least one of the most common men's hair problems to deal with. Not to worry, however, there's a solution for almost every men's hair hassle.

Getting Rid of Gray Hair

A lot of people will tell you that your gray hair "looks distinguished" and you should leave it alone.  Have you ever noticed that the people telling you that are almost always the ones who don't have gray hair?  To get rid of gray, I always recommend seeking the advice of a professional colorist. You want the color to look subtle and natural, and you're far less likely to achieve a natural result at home. Today, many companies make professional products that are designed to blend away gray hair without completely obliterating your natural color.

How to Control a Cowlick

Ahhh... cowlicks.  Those pesky little tufts of hair that stick up all over the place can be a real pain.  I've seen guys lose their minds and buzz their hair off in frustration over their cowlicks.  With a cowlick, the key is to either cut it short enough so the cowlick doesn't stand up ​or leave it long enough so there's enough weight to hold the hair down. A good barber or stylist should be able to judge the length and cut accordingly.  Of course, a liberal application of styling product can also help tame your troubled mane as well.

Making Fine Hair Appear Thicker

Fine, limp hair can be a styling nightmare.  Fortunately, with the right haircut and good product selection, you can give fine hair the illusion of thickness.  A shorter, layered haircut, shampooed and conditioned with a thickening shampoo and conditioner, and styled with the right product can give your fine hair added volume, texture, and support.

Dealing with Hair Loss

Nothing can be more upsetting to a guy, especially when he's younger, than going bald.  What do you do?  Grow it out, comb it over, buzz it off?  Frankly, I'm not a big fan of drugs, rugs, creams, or schemes when it comes to dealing with hair loss. It's best to accept what nature has given you and get a great haircut (a very short great haircut) to help minimize the appearance of thinning.  Concentrate on keeping your body and skin healthy and keep that wardrobe looking snazzy and people will be less likely to notice you sparse scalp.

Fixing Up "Hat Head"

Avoiding hat hair is really a no-brainer. Simply don't wear hats.  Of course, that's easier said than done; hats are handy for staying warm and keeping the sun out of our eyes and off the scalp. To avoid hat head, never wear a hat that's too tight and never put one on when your hair is damp. To remove the line created by the hat, a quick wrap with a hot, damp towel will do the trick or you can simply wet your hands and run them through your hair to re-activate your styling product and help work out the indention left by the hat.

Dealing with Dry Hair

Dry hair can be caused by a lot of things, such as shampooing too often in hot water, alcohol-based styling products, excessive blow drying, pool water, too much sun exposure, and extreme heat. Simply shampooing less often in cooler water and using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will often be all that most guys need to do to correct their dry-hair dilemma.

How to Treat Oily Hair

Oily hair can be a real problem.  A greasy head of hair can make you look dirty and poorly groomed (and can even have an unpleasant odor).  Shampooing more often is not always a good solution (it can make your scalp produce even more oil).  Shampooing once per day with a shampoo labeled specifically for oily hair will normally do the trick, but you may have to turn to natural remedies like a rinse of lemon juice or vinegar to help remove oil in the hair.

How to Reduce Frizz in Men's Curly Hair

I find there is nothing that looks better than a thick head of curly hair. Keeping those curls from becoming frizzy or too fluffy is fairly easy. It's all about control. Using a great product like TIGI Bed Head for Men Curl Defining Cream in damp hair and then leaving your hair alone will help keep the curl separated and reduce frizz.

How to Control Thick Hair

So, you've been cursed with a super-thick head of hair?  We should all be so lucky! I realize thick hair certainly has its challenges.  The key is to cut the hair super short or leave it long enough so the weight holds it down. Use of the right styling product can also make the world of difference in controlling your thick mane.

How to Manage Coarse Hair

So life dealt you a thick, coarse head of hair that resembles a steel wool pad?  Yeah, that can be a problem. Fortunately, coarse hair can be managed with the right cut, proper shampoo and conditioner, and using a barber or stylist who knows how to work with coarse hair.

No Head of Hair is Perfect

I have yet to meet a guy who doesn't have at least one thing he's fighting with his hair, but fortunately, there is a solution for almost every men's hair problem.