Sneakers for Kids with Foot Problems

Comfort in all the Right Places

Does one of your kids have one leg longer than the other, flat feet, or heel issues? Do they often find shoes uncomfortable and complain of chronic pain? If your child has flat feet or length issues, they need arc support. These sneakers come padded with added support to make every kid happy.

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Saucony Kids

Any sneaker model from the Saucony Kids Collection is dynamite for your kid. Why? Because they are designed to battle all sorts of foot problems. They offer arc support, extra padded cushioning, durable soles, and excellent breathability in a lightweight shoe. You can find them in an assortment of styles and colors, and they range from toddler to adult sizes -- for both females and males. Click on the tab to compare prices on a huge selection of really ​versatile sneakers. You may even pick up a pair for yourself. From retro to modern styling, who can go wrong?

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Puma Kids Cabana Racer

The height of style in 1981 brings back a look that captivates the look of the present in the PUMA Cabana Racer. The Cabana Racer is a favorite on the European and South American streets -- and a perfect choice for your kid's feet. Easy to slip on and off, these goodies are a favorite on the playground, neighborhood, and gym. Not only do they come in very cool bright or conservative colors, if your little one is already showing a sporty side, these will excite and encourage his athletic flair. You can find these for boys and girls of all ages.

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New Balance 630

New Balance 630 is a very comfortable and flexible sneaker. The shoe offers optimal cushioning and stains can be easily removed with soap and water. Most New Balance shoes are perfect for kids. Not only do they offer the best in sneaker design engineering, but this brand is known for making versatile and comfortably snug sneakers for all ages.

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Brooks Defyance

Great sneakers for men, women, and children of all ages, Brooks Defyance creates sneakers that are comfortable, flexible, and offer great foot and arch support. They are also easily washable -- which is a super bonus. You can cake the shoes with mud and remove the stains quickly with a sponge and soapy water. They also feature mesh at the toe box to allow feet to BREATHE.

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Puma Easy Rider

They're perfect for everyday living AND they're light on the feet, comfortable, stylish, and superbly slick. The Puma Easy Rider glides as easy as its name. Try scoring a pair of these at a Puma outlet store or even at a Nordstrom Rack on clearance. I think Puma struck gold with their Easy Riders, but they're hard to find. The good news is that I found them online for all ages. The selection is slim but you can browse through the small range of colors and sizes that are available here.

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New Balance 574

If you don't like, or can't find the New Balance 630s, try the most commonly found New Balance sneakers on the market -- and the streets. Classic styling, a simple retro feel, and comfort come easily to the New Balance 574 sneaker. You can never go wrong with New Balance shoes for your loved ones. They are sharp on looks and great for your feet and back. Not to forget to mention, they come with excellent arch support and a padded interior for a comfortable snug fit. You can find these in all colors for boys and girls.

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Puma Kids Anjan

The Puma Kids Anjan is a lightweight open mesh lace-up shoe with soft, rich vintage suede that distinguishes this 70's classic. The shoe features a suede leather and air mesh upper, a nubby rubber outsole, and an EVA midsole to provide better traction. You can find these in all colors for boys and girls.

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Adidas Tapper Classic

If you happen to have a very style conscious child, you can meet them halfway with the Adidas Tapper Classic. The sneaker offers cushioning support, flexibility, and comfort without sacrificing style. These are great shoes if your kid loves to kick around and wears out shoes fast. If your child has flat feet, then go for sneakers #1-7, unless you buy additional arch inserts to make these work.

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KangaROOS Kids Combat

Conquer the day with the Kangaroos Combat! It has a wide flap pocket that makes it easy to store lunch money or house keys. Find these in an array of fun colors that are cheerful and stylish! Make your kid stand out and apart on the gym floor -- in a good way. Grab a padded cushion from Wal-Mart to fit into the heel your child has problems with. These lightweight wonders are great​ but need YOU to add the support. Another note to moms, these kicks are great for the forgetful, but they do not live long.

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Sneaker DOs and NOs

Sneakers like Vans and Converse don't work well for kids with flat fleet, or for those who have one foot longer than the other. Always look for the curved centers for excellent arch support, and to prevent your kid from walking floppy. Purchasing extra padded heels are great for issues where one foot is longer than the other, and this can be done with just about any sneaker your kids loves. However, if a shoe is missing arc support, then your kid's foot will still be unbalanced. Look for balance always. You can always buy the extras separately at Wal-Mart or Target if you find a shoe for a steal of a price, but it fails to offer the support your child needs. You can find these items in the shoe aisles of any department store for a couple of bucks.