A Site Profile of the Snarkiest Celebrity Blog Around: The Superficial

Because we like our celebrity gossip with a healthy dose of snark

Courtesy: The Superficial.

Website: www.thesuperficial.com
Description: Because You're Ugly
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What is The Superficial?

The Superficial is a celebrity gossip site that specializes in, let's be honest here, boobs and butts. The snarky site has been publishing daily blog posts since 2004. Originally owned by Anticlown Media, a web publishing company which includes sites IWatchStuff and Geekologie, the site was purchased by Buzzmedia, Inc. in 2008 and is now owned by SpinMedia Group. Like other celebrity gossip sites, The Superficial is known for covering the latest celebrity news, gossip, and paparazzi photos, however this site features a snarky reporting style which lampoons the celebrities it features rather than praising them.

Who Reads The Superficial?

The site draws in close to two million readers every month, most of whom are attracted by the glossy candid paparazzi photos of stars in various stages of undress. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) One glance at the site's content, which includes daily pictures of starlets in bikinis, entire posts about actress Blake Lively's cleavage, and even the occasional celebrity upskirt photograph, and it's clear to see why The Superficial's demographic leans heavily towards upper middle class males, aged 18-24. However, anyone who enjoys witty commentary and making fun of the Hollywood elite will enjoy this site.

Who Runs The Superficial?

The voice behind The Superficial is Mike Redmond, who is called "Fish" by his readers (short for "Super-fish-al"). There is also some additional writing and photo editing provided by his friend and colleague, known on the site only as "Photoboy." Fish is the main voice of the site, making self-deprecating jokes and boldly pointing out the faults of any celebrity (and pseudo-celebrity) whose photo pops up in the daily photo agency offerings. He does not hesitate to point out obnoxious or entitled behavior, pride, lies, or cellulite in anyone famous, and he is especially adept at cutting to the heart of the matter on stories that have been highly glossed-over by publicists and traditional media sources.

Some of the celebrities who are often on the receiving end of The Superficial's keen observational wit are Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and Chris Brown, and the entire Kardashian family, but really, no one is safe.

What Is The Site Format?

If there is a big story breaking in Hollywood, you can bet that The Superficial will be among the first of the gossip sites to chime in with not just the details of the scandal, but also a biting commentary and links to past bad behavior for all involved. Each afternoon, Photo Boy puts together a post containing the left-over photo agency pictures that they did not cover with a full blog post. The post is called "The Crap We Missed," and often the pictures are candid celebrity shots. The site's fans leave comments on the photos, and at the end of the week Fish creates a Saturday slideshow with the fans' best photo captions called, "The Most Important People on the Internet." Fish will also do occasional movie reviews, and there is a daily round-up of relevant links to other celebrity gossip sites.

Will You Like The Superficial?

If you enjoy looking at funny and/or sexy photos of the rich and famous, and you are not easily offended, you will enjoy reading The Superficial. If you do not like blogs containing profanity or talk of breast size and other low-brow humor, you might want to skip this blog. Also, while the site's writers do not often venture into politics on the site itself, Fish occasionally talks politics on their Facebook page, which some might find annoying. However, if you love sarcasm, snark, and witty observational humor, you will most likely enjoy the point of view expressed on The Superficial, and you should add it to your list of daily web sites to visit.