smorzando (smorz.)

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Definition: The Italian musical command smorzando (often abbreviated smorz.) is an indication to gradually slow down and soften the notes until nothing is heard; a diminuendo that fades very slowly, often accompanied by a very gradual ritardando.
Not to be confused with sforzando (sfz).

Also Known As:

  • morendo; al niente (It)
  • en amortissant; en mourant (Fr)
  • bis zum Nichts; verlöschend (Ger)

Pronunciation: smort-zahn'-dohMore Italian Musical Terms:

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Tempo Commands:

▪ largo
▪ rhythm dot
▪ (accel.) accelerando
▪ vivace
▪ tempo giusto

Musical Articulation:

▪ staccato
▪ tie
▪ (rfz) rinforzando
▪ arpeggiato
▪ accentato

Volume & Dynamics:

▪ (mf) mezzo forte
▪ (sfz) sforzando
▪ diminuendo
▪ al niente
▪ (fp) fortepiano

French Musical Glossary:

▪ en ralentissant
▪ indication de mouvement
▪ à l’aise
▪ mi-doux
▪ retenu