Smart Ways to Store Your Earrings

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Never Lose an Earring Again

Smart ways to organize earrings
Photo: I Heart Organizing

Buying earrings is fun, storing them isn't. They're hard to keep track of and can easily get lost. Adding to the frustration, rummaging through piles of earrings in a jewelry box can be time consuming. Looking for some easy DIY ways to store and organize your earrings? Check out these easy and inexpensive ideas.

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Keep Earrings Organized Using Buttons

Photo: Ezzly.

You've probably gotten rid of plenty of clothes that weren't worthy of the Salvation Army.  Before you ditch the duds, remove the buttons and use them to keep your earrings paired and easy to find. You can also visit your favorite craft and fabric stores to pick up some buttons to use.

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Store Stud Earrings on a Wide Grosgrain Ribbon

Earrings stored on ribbon
Photo: Create & Bake.

A pretty way to organize stud earrings is by keeping them on a wide grosgrain ribbon. Not only does this storage solution look attractive, but it can be easily transported. When you buy more earrings you just need to buy more ribbon.

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Use Pill Organizers to Store Earrings

Photo: DIY & Crafts.

Using pill organizers to store small earrings is an inexpensive way to keep your earrings from getting lost. You can pick up a pill organizer for next to nothing at your favorite dollar store and get the same results you would from a much more expensive jewelry box.

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Hang Chandelier and Drop Earrings From a Radiator Grate

Hang earrings on metal grating used for radiator covers
Photo: I Heart Organizing

Old homes often had radiator grates that were decorative protectors from getting burned. Old radiators may be a thing of the past but the grates aren't. Pick some up at your local hardware store and frame in. Use this beautiful solution to hang your drop and chandelier earrings.

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Frame Needlepoint Canvas to Store and Organize Your Earrings

Photo: LadyBeeDesigns on Etsy

While you are at the craft store pick up a needlepoint canvas to create a lovely way to store long earrings. Try framing it to make it even more attractive.

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Store Earrings in Ice Cube Trays

Photo: Brit + Co

Few refrigerators have ice cube trays but they still exist and can be used for an open-view earring organizer. Keep them on top of your bureau or tucked away in the top drawer.

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Store Earrings on a Cheese Grater

Photo: StandsAndJewels on Etsy

Here's something you probably never thought to do with a cheese grater. Try using it hang your earrings.